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Is Sidney Crosby Married Or Dating? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Regarded by many of the hockey insiders as the greatest hockey player of all time, Sidney Patrick Crosby who is also known as Sidney Crosby is a player from Canada who has a net worth of $55 million. He has amassed such a large amount of wealth from his contract with different professional hockey clubs that he has played for, playing for the Canadian hockey team and with lucrative endorsement and advertisement deals with some of the biggest companies in the world. Besides representing Canada in the world of hockey at the international stage, Crosby is someone who has a huge presence in the world of sports in general.

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Sidney Crosby Career Details

As a famous professional hockey player that came from Hailfax, Canada, Crosby is someone who broke all the records that were previously held in the world of hockey. He is a player that assists others in scoring goals and also upheld the team spirit by carrying the team on his back and serving as a group leader. Crosby is best known for leading the Pittsburgh Penguins. Before joining the Penguins, he was playing in the Quebec league where he made a huge name for himself as the next promising hockey player. His significance in the league is seen in the fact that his initial draft that was highly publicized. He was already seen as a huge prospect at the time.

After joining the American hockey competition, Crosby did not disappoint and lived up to the high expectations that were placed upon him as he managed to attain a second place in the Calder memorial Trophy and received the Art Ross Trophy during his first and second seasons in the league respectively. These are coveted prices that are given only for those that made an impact on the world of hockey. Crosby is a player that is revered by other fellow players and this resulted in him winning the Hart Memorial Trophy. His influence in the world of sports is not just limited to the field of hockey but also the world of popular culture and social issues as well. Such a high stature that is given to him is seen in his induction to the list of Time Magazine’s description of the most influential people back in 2017. Crosby is also known for signing lucrative deals with some of the biggest companies like Reebok.

By many, Crosby is regarded as the best Hockey player that could be compared to the great Gretzsky. He played for different teams like Rimaski Oceanic and Pittsburgh Penguins. Crosby started playing hockey at such an early age. He has already attained a higher status while he was in high school. Even before coming to the U.S, there was a huge discussion about Crosby back in his country Canada, where he emerged as the best player and even got the chance to shine in the national team at such a young age. Crosby is someone who trains hard and engages in an intensive training regime. Even after coming to America, Crosby has amassed 100 points in the first season, and 120 in the second one. This shows that he was no one time wonder and thus deserves a permanent spot among the sporting legends.

Sidney Crosby After Injury

Despite the immediate impact that he made in the world of hockey, Crosby was forced to miss the 2010-11 seasons because of an injury. Even after returning from injury, his injuries still continued to have a negative impact. Because of this at an initial stage, he was not able to showcase all of his great talents. He still managed to attain the heights of glory in the 2013-14 seasons leading into being recognized by the Hart Trophy for the second time. He has also won the Conn Smythe Trophy in 2016. He again won such a trophy in the 2016-17 seasons. At the national level, he has won Gold medals in 2010 and 2014 with the Canadian hockey team at the world stage.

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