Meet Gold Rush Dave Turin. Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Gold Rush’s Dave Turin exited program in 2017 after a rumored fistfight with Trey Poulson. He had appeared on the program for six seasons. He announced it a week after the fistfight happened-and thanked fans for their support. Dave thanked fans for being supportive of him and the program, but acknowledged that it is time to try something else. It is now known what the disagreement with Poulson was in regards to, and it is not something Dave seems to want to dwell on. The post continued to say that no amount of money is worth working with someone so disrespectful. One commenter said maybe Dave should consider a new career, to which Dave responded that anything is always possible, and he would look into a couple of different things. He had been a consultant at one point, so he says that is what people may see him in next. It could be something completely different. Even after leaving in season seven, Dave returned in season eight, but not as a full time cast member. He debuted his new truck, a customized Ford F550, in a Las Vegas truck show.

Gold Rush Dave Turin Net Worth

The Net Worth Reporter says that Dave earned $50,000 per show, and his background is in civil engineering as well as mining. Dave is currently planning to have some type of spinoff program on the Discovery Channel, which would be titled Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine. It would be the first series for the Gold Rush franchise. The first seven season will premiere on the Discovery Go streaming app. It will be a program about Dave looking for mines, and then working on those mines and seeing how they could benefit from his work. The program will be based in the western United States, and also in Helena, Montana. Dave also handles some of the businesses in his family.

Gold Rush Dave Turin Bio: Age, Parents, Siblings, Early Life

Dave Turin was born in Sandy, Oregon, on April 21, 1959. He is 61 years old. He has five siblings. His dad’s name is Jim, and Dave was raised on land with his dad.

Gold Rush Dave Turin Education Details

Dave attended Sandy Union High School, and he was a great student who played on the school’s football team. He played the position of linebacker.

He also graduated from Portland State University with a degree in civil engineering, and he his family had a rock quarry business while he was growing up. After college, Dave decided to work in in full time with his father and his three brothers. The company is called Mount Hood Rock Company. A less formal, and more personal name of the company is Jim Turin & Sons. Dave was a consultant on the Porcupine Creek gold mining chain, and that is how he gained notoriety.

Gold Rush Dave Turin Net Worth, Salary

His career on Gold Rush: Alaska first happened when Todd Hoffman hired him to be a consultant on the program. He was then made a member of the Hoffman Crew. This happened in 2011. Dave’s net worth is around $20 million, as his career began in the early 1990s, and has grown to its entirety as he has appeared on TV. His current annual income is over $400,000.

Gold Rush Dave Turin Career Details

Dave is also qualified to operate many forms of heavy machinery and equipment. When Dave is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family. Some of his hobbies include golf and fishing. Dave’s religious is also very important to him, and considers himself to always try and live a life of good Christian values.

Gold Rush Dave Turin Marriage Details

Dave’s wife is named Shelly Turin, and they have been married for a long time. She is his high school sweetheart. The couple have three kids together. They are also the grandparents to four grandchildren. Shelly and Dave enjoy posting pictures of themselves on social media, so he clearly is a family man.

Gold Rush Dave Turin Social Media Presence

He is active on social media websites such as Instagram (of which he has over 15,000 followers) and Facebook, and he loves having that direct connection to fans, and also loves a chance to promote his work. The couple currently resides in Gresham, Oregon.

Gold Rush Dave Turin Body Measurements

His height is 1.47 m, and his weight is approximately 52 kgs. Not much else is known about Dave’s stats.

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