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Meet Laura Nirider. Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

Laura Nirider is an inspiring legal professional and academician who came into the limelight when she featured in Netflix’s crime documentary series ‘Making A Murderer’ in 2015.

Laura is not just any lawyer. She is a dedicated reformer in the area of juvenile justice who fights against court malpractices, and wrongful convictions of youth offenders.

Laura’s work was also highlighted when one of her clients, Damien Echols, who was convicted in the controversial ‘West Memphis Three’ case, appeared on the documentary ‘West of Memphis’.

The law professor has also authored several publications on effective interrogation practices and juvenile conviction reforms. Laura was awarded the ‘Dawn Clark Netsch Public Service Award’ by the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law in 2017, in recognition for her outstanding contribution towards improvement of legal practices.

Laura Nirider Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

Laura was born on 8th December 1981 and is a Sagittarian by birth. Her father was a faculty member at the Yale University and inspired Laura to take up her career in education. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago with a major in Political Science.

Later, the 37-year old lawyer joined the Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, Illinois, where she obtained her Juris Doctor degree. Graduating Magna cum Laude, Laura went on to become a successful legal professional.

Laura Nirider Career Details

Laura presently acts as a Clinical Associate Professor of law and Co-Director of the ‘Center on Wrongful Convictions’ at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.
The legal scholar has an impressive annual income of $66,553 as a professor and $83,403 as a lawyer. No doubt, the Netflix celebrity’s net worth will be equally impressive.

Laura Nirider Marriage Details

Laura likes to lead a quiet, private life with her family. Very little is known of the legal professional’s family life except that she is happily married with two adorable sons. Even her husband’s identity and details of their marriage remain unknown.

Laura’s husband and children do, however, receive an occasional mention on her Twitter account. In July 2019, the law professor tweeted of enjoying the American national holiday with her spouse and sons.

Laura Nirider Parents: Father, Mother

Since she had her children, Laura has had to juggle her career as a legal professional with her responsibilities as a mom. In 2016, just seven weeks after her second son was born, Laura was forced to resume her professional responsibilities.

But of course, being a working parent brings along its challenges. The Netflix-starrer has had to deal with much criticism for being a full-time working mother. On 5th July 2019, the mother-of-two took to twitter to express her frustration over one such incident where a fellow mother had judged her for working full-time despite being a mom.

The lawyer mother shared her fears of never having a fulfilling life as balancing work and personal life appeared to be the toughest job.

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