Meet RJ Molinere Jr. Wife Stacey Molinere. Know His Age, Career,Net Worth, Height, Weight

Rowland Molinere popularly known as RJ Molinere a TV personality and a famous alligator hunter & former arm wrestling champion.

Rowland was born in small village Louisiana, United States of America. On 21st September 1961. He is the star of the show that appears weekly on History Channel naming “Swamp People” with his son naming Jay Paul. Both son-dad duo is doing wonders on the show.

RJ Molinere Jr. Parents And Siblings

As RJ hailed from a small village his parents lived him too. His father’s name was Rowland Paul Molinere Sr. and mother’s name was Velma LeBoeuf Molinere.

RJ Molinere Jr. Body Measurements

As RJ belongs from a wrestling background and has a personality who loves to stay fit. Even at the age of 59 he still never backs off from any physical challenge. He is standing almost 5 feet 8 inches tall with weight of around 72 kg. Even at this age he is equally capable like a young stud.

RJ Molinere Jr. Career Details

RJ Molinere started his career in arm wrestling where he not just succeeded but eventually dominated by winning series of champion hips at his weight range back to back.

Some of his major winnings in his career are as listed below.

Championship Name Title Hold Count
WC Arm Wrestling 4
GNC Championship 2
National Championship 11
Arnold Classic Arm Championship 1
Total Championships Won 18

Other than a famous & successful arm wrestler he is a very good alligator hunter which he has a hereditary quality. His family from old times have always been into alligator hunting as his dad too was a great alligator hunter.

Taking alligator as a profession is a life’s risk. But RJ Molinere is doing this successfully from past many years and even his family supports him to the extent he wants. He was starred in a History Channel’s show naming Swamp People where he actually made his mark and real work was now known to the world. People liked the skills he had, which gave his show the adequate audience required for his & his skills growth.

The show gained more popularity when Son-Dad Duo started featuring on the show. His son Jay Paul made immense efforts with his dad on the show resulted as a complete success.

Presently he is not working and he completely staying with his family. As per Rowland he always wants to spend as much time as he could with his family only.

RJ Molinere Jr. Social Media Presence

RJ is equally active on Instagram & Twitter accounts, having a combined count of more than 32k followers.

RJ Molinere Jr. Net Worth

His net worth is around $700K which as per his popularity has been estimated to grow further in upcoming years.

RJ Molinere Jr. Married Life

RJ has been married to Stacey Molinere from last three decades. She is working as a nurse in a small hospital in Louisiana, United states. RJ never had any issues or problems in his married life. His wife is staying as a helping hand for him in every aspect of his life & supporting him in his profession of alligator hunting.

RJ Molinere Jr. Children

The couple have on kid naming Jay Paul Molinere who is 25 years of age. As his father the son is also a fitness freak and have won many boxing tournaments & also a MMA championship.

RJ Molinere Jr. Controversy

In 2017, RJ & his son both caught in a fight with a store owner but eventually the event went against the Moliere’s as Jay hit the owner with a bottle on his head while he was having a brawl with RJ Molinere. Charges were made against the father & son but got the things sorted after paying legal fines & charges. The issue never got highlighted that much as the complete case was later dwelt internally & none of the parties were under the influence of any drugs.

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