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Meet WNBA Kelsey Plum. Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

Kelsey Plum is a big name in the world of women players who play basketball. Her athletic skills are well-known and most of us are fans of the way she handles that orange ball in her hands. Today we’re gonna see some facts related to Kelsey Plum that will make us understand her.

Kelsey Plum Bio: Age, Parents And Siblings

Kelsey’s full name is Kelsey Christine Plum. The WNBA player was born on August 24,1994 to Jim and Katie Plum. Her place of birth is Poway, California, United States.

Like the daughter, both her parents were players. Her father was a football and baseball player in his school and college days, and won many awards. As for her mother, she was a volleyball player in her University days and won many matches.

The Plum family has three daughters who are all in sports. Both of the older sisters went into the volleyball sport, like their mother. As for Kelsey, she used to play volleyball for sometime in the school years but then switched over to basketball since she found it more interesting and her thing. She realized that volleyball was surely not her sport and she was right about it.

Kelsey Plum Early Life And Career

Back in high school, Plum began to make her name in the basketball team of the school. The entire school years, she scored 2,247 points and around 19.8 points per game. As she spent more time in La Jolla Country Day School, her game got even better and soon she was selected for the 2013 WBCA High school All-America game.

Like any other teenager, Kelsey attended college. She went to Washington college from 2013-2017. Due to her impressive past winnings in high school, she was named as McDonald’s All-America which made her eligible to take part in the 2013 McDonald’s All-American Girls Game. Later she was given the title of Ms. Basketball by CalHiSports, a title which was given to the best female high school basketball player in California.

Throughout her college years, she continued playing basketball with passion and by the end of the senior year of college she was chosen for the 2017 WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) draft. This opportunity got marked as her first step towards playing basketball professionally. Of course Kelsey grabbed the opportunity and in her debut on May 25, 2017, she scored excellent points and made winning against the Dallas wings.

Her success continued and match after match she made her way in the world of sports with a spark of talent that surely took her to the top.

Kelsey Plum Net Worth

As a WNBA player you could only imagine the money she makes. Of course due to her stunning performances and shooting goals after goals in hard and difficult matches. Miss Plum indeed earned fortune enough to pay off her efforts.

It has been estimated that the 26-year star earns between $2 to $6 million. That’s surely a lot of money and the WNBA star is surely well-off.

Kelsey Plum Dating Rumors

At the moment the 26-year star isn’t dating anyone. According to some magazine who interviewed her stated in their release, that she only dated one guy and that was back in high school. Uptil to this day she isn’t with anyone.

Kelsey Plum Cars Houses

There isn’t any information available on the cars and house Miss Plum owns.

Kelsey Plum Kids

Since Kelsey isn’t in any kind of committed relationship, hence she doesn’t have any children. The woman is single.

Kelsey Plum Body Measurements

Height 5’8 inches

Body weight 64kg

Hair Dark brown

Eyes Dark brown

Ethnicity American

Sexuality Straight

Zodiac sign Virgo

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