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Vince Gill Is Happily Married To Wife Amy Grant.Know His Bio, Age, Net Worth

Vince Gill or Vincent Grant Gill, born on April 12, 1957, is one of the most famous American country singers in the present. Apart from his brilliant solo performances, he is also known for being associated with Pure Prairie League.

Vince likes to write his songs and gets known for his talent for playing multiple instruments. This 63-year-old was born at Norman, Oklahoma, and he studied at the Northwest Classen High School. After graduating from high school, he moved to Louisville, Kentucky in 1975, and then to Los Angeles to have the correct place for showing his talent. In his career as a country musician, he has won 21 Grammy Awards, which is tremendous.

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Vince Gill  Career Details

Most of us remember Vince because of the song Let Me Love You Tonight, which was a part of the album, Can’t Hold Back presented by the band Pure Prairie League. Vince’s career started with them. He got the opportunity to join Cherry Boots in 1981. Around the same time, he also played with David Grisham to release the Here Today album. Victim of Life’s Circumstance, Oklahoma Borderline, and Cinderella are some of the hit songs.

Tony Brown was the producer of the label records, When I Call Your Name released in 1989, and Pocket Full of Gold released in 1991. Vince also has the history of owning the most number of CMA awards, and he has also pocketed 21 Grammy Awards. He is adept at playing the electric guitar, as well as the electric guitar. The unique vocal quality of Vince makes people love him quite a bit.

Vince has been participating in Grand Ole Opry since August 1991, and he believes in promoting the platform to help country music get more recognition. He is also part of The Time Jumpers since 2010.

In 2011 Vince was seen on the NPR show, Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me. In the same year, he also participated in making a tribute album called Moody Blues: Moody Bluegrass. His fans remember his March 2012 performance at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center. He drove to the venue from Nashville just with a guitar and gave everyone a fantastic time. Vince also performed a duet, What You Need from Me with Bonnie Tyler, in 2012 for her album. 2012 was also the year when he got a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and his start is at the 2,478th position.

In 2014, Vince received the Irving Waugh award for excellence in country music at the CMA awards. In 2016 he was one of the 30 musicians who got to perform Forever Country at the same Award ceremony to celebrate its 50th year.

Vince toured with Eagles in 2017, and he also played his electric guitar for Aaron Lewis’ song Love Me.

To date, Vince has sold more than 26 million albums, and 50 of his songs have entered the Top 40 list.

Okie is the latest album released by Vince in 2019. Some other collections include Next Big Thing of 2003, These Days in 2006, Guitar Slinger in 2011, Bakersfield in 2013, Down to My Last Bad Habit in 2016, and so on.

Vince Gill  Net Worth

Currently, the net worth of Vince sits at $30 million, which is exceptional, and it is because he does a fantastic job when it comes to making music. His fans love him, and Vince does extensive tours. He is currently one of the most popular country musicians to exist in the whole world.

Vince Gill  Wife

Vince is currently married to Amy Grant, whom he married in 2000. The couple met each other in 1993 when both of them were married. They took some time to get out of their respective marriages and found solace in each other. Amy is also a musician and was formerly married to Gary Chapman. Vince and Amy have a daughter named Corrina.

Before getting married to Amy, Vince was married to Janis Oliver, and the couple got married in 1980. Janis is also a fellow country musician. They had their daughter in 1982. The couple proceeded with a divorce in 1997. Janis has told that the main reason for their divorce was the affair between Amy and Vince. Still, he denies it, saying that they got together after the divorce.

Vince Gill  Parents

J. Stanley Gill, the father of Vince, was a lawyer and a judge. His father was also interested in country music. He motivated Vince to learn several instruments such as fiddle, mandolin, banjo, and guitar. Jerene Gill was the mother of Vince. His parents did a commendable job of making him into a good human being and a great musician.

Vince Gill  Kids

Vince has two daughters, Jenny, from his first marriage, and Corrina from his current marriage with Amy. He loves the kids and is proud of them.

Vince Gill Body Measurements

When you have a look at Vince, you will know that he is a happy man. He is 198 cm tall, weighing about 90 KG or 190 lbs. Vince still looks young at the age of 62 and has the power of making you fall in love with him.

Vince Gill  Cars And House

Not much is known about any car or house that Vince might own, but we do know that he currently resides in Los Angeles.

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