Yolanda McClary Is Happily Married To Husband Michael Kelly McClary. Know Her Age, Career, Net Worth

When Yolanda McClary decided to call it a day after 26 years of dedicated service to humanity from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, there was a lot to appreciate her for albeit too late.

With her leaving, there were legendary statistics behind, of investigation of more than 7,000 crime scenes. Of the more than 7,000 crime scenes, there were robberies, suicides, murders, trafficking, fires, assaults, accidental deaths, drugs, vehicle fatalities, domestic violence, home invasions and overdoses. Behind her, there were very able former colleagues and still you could hear echoes of the reality that she left huge shoes for anyone to fill. This is the more reason that hitherto Yolanda remains the most pursued crime scene investigator globally.

Those who would desire to fit in the big shoes that she left behind might be interested to know what is behind this outstanding crime scene investigator. The following discussion will run to try and give them a little insight that might help them to try and come close to her achievements.

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Yolanda McClary Bio; Age, Early life

Yolanda McClary was born Yolanda Anna Gonzalez. There are two versions of her birth statistics. One is that she was born on August 12, 1963 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The second one is that she was born on August 20, 1964 in Germany.
There is an indication that she migrated to the USA along with her parents at the age of 5.

In her spirit of being an investigator, there is very little that is known of her background. Information on her parents, her siblings remain tightly held in her chest. Only exception in this is that her father was a psychologist, a fact that inspired her to take the path that she took.
She attended Southern Nevada School where she graduated with an Associate of Arts degree and thereafter the American Institute of Applied Sciences where she graduated with a forensic science diploma.

Yolanda McClary Career Details

She joined the Las Vegas Metro police 1984, building a career as a crime scene investigator before retiring in 2010. She left a history of having been one of the most prominent figures of the Las Vegas Metro police.
Yolanda had to call off her retirement recently to come back and spend 3 seasons and episodes adding up to a total of 47 co-staring on the hit TNT reality series “Cold Justice”. She travelled to different cities across the United States remembering heydays of her career. She was busy offering expert analysis on real life “Cold Cases” with former Prosecutor Kelly Siegler by her side.

Yolanda McClary Body Measurements

The famous crime scene investigator who stands 5’5” high has a weight of 57 kg

Yolanda McClary Marriage Details

She got married to her current husband Michael Kelly McClary on September 29, 1990. Their marriage was blessed with a son who joins Yolanda’s daughter from a previous relationship. The daughter is currently 34 years old.

The crime scene investigation celebrity together with her husband are American citizens of the Caucasian ethnicity currently and currently live in Las Vegas with their son. They became grandparents in 2017 courtesy of their daughter who does not live with them currently.

Yolanda McClary Net Worth

Yolanda is worth US$ 1 m which she has accumulated in her career together with the latest duties she has been undertaking in the TV series, The Crime Scene.

Yolanda McClary Summary

This is the life of this celebrity coming from a humble background to star in the Crime Scene Investigation. Normally it is a field that is dominated by men and when a woman stars in it then she is a real heroine.

She has helped to raise the image of women out there and there should be many more to follow in her footsteps. Where she excelled, one would say it is through her brilliance, academic background and experience. Where she went wrong, one would say “after all she is a woman coming in to work in a field normally dominated by men”. And there are very few occasions where she got it wrong. The remaining young women out there have a role model in Yolanda McClary. Let them rise up and be counted.

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