Youtuber John Hill Is Engaged To Sara Dietschy. Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

John Hill is a professional skateboarder very popular on social media. So far he has been able to manage 180,000 followers on Instagram. Companies like Rat Cheese Wax and Bluetile Skateshop have come up to sponsor him. Hill made his You Tube debut in the year 2011 but it is a matter of great wonder that he did not post any video on his channel so long. The first video uploaded by him was in the year 2015.

John Hill Career Details

John Hill won fame as a skateboarder. It was his vlogging spree that brought great stars like Samuel Tabor and Casey Bechler closer to him. As a skateboarder he is highly successful and so far has added 170,000 followers to his credit on Instagram. Besides skating he is very successful as a vlogger. John Hill has inspired through vlogging lots of youths and skateboarders. He is a great motivator too. He has enough positivity and with the aid of this he can drive the youths to chase their passionate dreams. He is by all means a professional You Tuber.

Hill came to vlogging following the footprints of Casey Neistat. In the initial phase his vlogging was specifically inspired by the skateboarders who were his close friends. But gradually people began to like watching skateboarding and they cherished desires to meet with skateboarders whom they came across on You Tube.

Hill had to face many dark days in the very initial period but he never bowed down before adversity. He moved forward to reach his goal and ultimately tasted the essence of supreme success.

At the age of 22 John Hill became famous showcasing his skateboarding art. At 26 he won the hearts of more than 600K subscribers and bagged about 1 million views. John was based in New York and focused on making informative videos all the way. His aim was to help the youths to taste the essence of creativity.

John Hill Net Worth And Salary

John has 178,000 Instagram followers. On Facebook his followers are 8,598. On Twitter he is a famous figure too winning the hearts of 27,700 followers. The recent data show that John Hill has a total of 642,912 You Tube subscribers. He is the owner of a clothing company the name of which is Progress Daily.

John Hill Wiki Bio Age

John Hill is 27 years old. He was born in South Carolina. He has two brothers and a sister. Details about his parents are not known.

Is John Hill Currently Married?

John Hill is in a relationship with You Tube star Sara Dietschy. She is also a skateboarder, associated with Revive Skateboards.

John Hill Wife Sara Dietschy Bio

John Hill’s lady love Sara Dietschy was born in Dallas, Texas in the year 1994. She is a famous US You Tube star. She earned popularity for her own channel and web series Creative Spaces TV. Since 2016 Sara is in a deep relationship with John Hill. Sara started her You Tube channel in the year 2011. So far she has won the hearts of about 200,000 subscribers.

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