Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown Bio, Age, Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Family

Alaskan Bush People is a famous and world renowned documentary and drama based series or a reality show that follows the lives of Brown family on different locations.

What Is All About The Show Alaskan Bush People?

The show has showed the harsh life of people that how they survive in the coldness and wilderness. They are away from the modern life and use typical ways and means to survive. The series aired on Discovery Channel. It got fame and popularity by the work of the cast. The show first aired on 6th May 2014. The documentary has been filmed on different locations like Alaska, Hoonah, and Chichagof Island.

The further seasons will filmed on the location in Okanogan Country in Washington. It had total 11 seasons and every episode has a wonderful rating. Radar Online, an American entertainment website noticed that its 10th season will be aired in April 2019, but specific date was not known to anyone. However, the show renewed its 11th season on 13th November and aired on 4th December 2019.

Bear Brown Bio: Age, Early Life, Family, Nationality

Talking about Bear Brown, he is the most successful man and third child of Brown family. Solomon Brown known as Bear Brown was born on 10th June 1987 and is 33 years old. He is an American nationality holder. His parents are Billy and Ami Brown.

Billy is the family head now the family is living in Alaska in wilderness. He was brought up in the middle class family in Texas. This old man has a tragedy when he was only 16 years old. His family including father, mother and sister died in a plane crash. After his family passed away, he wandered in the streets and looking for work to survive. He then worked as a commercial fisherman in the Northern Pacific.

Ami is known for her gardening skills and growing of food. She brought up in the family of alcoholics so that she is not much close to her family. Ami start dating with Billy in 1970s and the couple got married in 1979 in Texas.

As both were job holders, so they were not satisfied with their routine of working from 9 to 5. So the couple moved to Alaska in 1983. The strong lady fought against lungs cancer and she won the battle. She is now living with her husband and seven children a happy and calm life.

Bear Brown Career Details

Bear Brown is a hunter and he is responsible for providing meat to the family. He is often seem to hunt in forests for animals to bring meal for the family. He also got severe injuries during hunting and also a scratch in cornea. The Brown family has tremendous roles in the series and every person seems to perform his role quite well. Bear Brown is different and has his swag. We can see him in the show while riding his snow machine or providing meal to his family by hunting wild animals.

He has experienced life from every perspective and he uses his skills in the show to make his work worth watching. Due to his height, many girls have a crush on him during his young age. But at that time, she has a girlfriend whom he likes her very much. Those who know about Bear are aware that he is that kind of personality that use to spend time in hunting and other activities. He doesn’t attract towards girls however it is officially noted that he is strolling with a girl.

He is the only person of his family who has broken a part of his body. These surprises made him more adventurous and he loves his profession. He enjoys his work and tries to bring more improvement to entertain the audience.

Bear Brown Dating History, Married, wife

Alaskan Bush People fans have been so interested in the love story of Bear Brown. The people were curious since he first introduced his girlfriend to the media. The girl Raiven first met to Brown in a wedding ceremony of his brother in August 2018. Raiven was with her mom who was hired to photograph the event. There, they started liking each other and after two weeks, Brown proposed her. However, the couple has been split but the girl is expecting their first child and they decided to stay together as friends for their baby.

Bear Brown Net Worth

Bear Brown has an estimated net worth of $160,000 and his most part came from his reality series.

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