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Maya Wiley was born on January 2. She could be either 56 or 57 years old as her year of birth is not well confirmed. However, it is known she was either born in 1963 or 1964. She was born in Washington, DC, US. Her father is George Willey, a civil rights leader who worked as a chemist. This could well explain her course in life. Wileys have a long history of social activism. Her father’s civil rights activism dates back to the times of Martin Luther King Jr. Her mother is Wretha Francis Willy. Her mother has been her source of drive, always urging her to focus on progressive issues. Maya has one brother for a sibling whose identity is not in the limelight.

Maya Wiley  Education Details

After graduating from high school, Wiley took a Bachelor of arts degree in Psychology from Dartmouth College. She also attended Southern Methodist University on an Equestrian scholarship, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Convergence Journalism, 2013. On her list of successes is a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from Mississippi State University, 2016. She also has a Juris Doctor from Columbia University, School of Law. She is well informed and diverse in her fields of study to which her success in her career could be accrued.

Maya Wiley  Career Details

Maya is an American civil rights activist and former board chair of the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), which serves as an independent police oversight agency, a role she assumed in 2016. Before that, she was counsel to Bill de Blasio, the Mayor, New York City. This included being to the liaison to the mayor’s advisory committee on the Judiciary.

She founded and served as the president of the center for social inclusion, an organization aimed at eradicating structural racism.

Furthermore, she founded and co-directs the New Schools digital equity laboratory and is an expert on digital equity. She has worked in expanding affordable broadband access across NY city, promoting civil and human rights and gender equity.

Maya Wiley was mentioned as a potential president of the NAACP. However, this post went to Cornell William Brooks. She is well known for her activism.

Currently, Maya Willey is the senior vice president for Social Justice at the New School. She is also the Henry Cohen Professor of urban policy and management in the Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment.

She is also NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst and is a frequent contributor to leading news outlets, including Times Magazine, The Guardian, and

Maya Wiley Marriage Details And Family Life

Maya Wiley is married to her longtime boyfriend, Harlan Mandel. Mandel works as the Chief Executive Officer of the Media Development Investment Fund. Not much has been said, however, about their engagement and wedding dates. Both, however, are alumni of the School of Law Columbia University, perhaps this was their meeting point.

The two have two daughters; Kai Wiley Mandel and Naja Wiley Mandel. Naja Mandel is 15, while Kai Mandel is 12. One of the daughters is said to be a feminist and is very vocal. This could be perhaps an indication that the footsteps of the Wiley’s could be carried forward. The family resides in Brooklyn, New York City. They have two pet cats; Maxie and Romeo, who are well a part of the family.

The mother is said to often post the pictures of her happy family on her social sites, which have a pretty good following.

Maya Wiley Net Worth

Much of Maya Wiley’s activism can be termed non-profit. However, from these activities, there emerges appointments with mouth-watering benefits. An example could be the legal analyst at the MSNBC. It is in the public domain that a legal analyst earns an average income of $83,377 annually. This income puts her net worth at around $1 million as of 2019.

Maya Wiley Height And Body Measurements

Many women would envy Maya’s looks. She has a young body for a woman her age. One would think she is in her mid-forties, while she is way above half a decade old. She has a slender physique and stands 1.82 meters tall. Her hair is, most of the time, in long braids that are graced by the grey strands subject to age. She has eyes with dark brown eyeballs.

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