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Andrew Divoff Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Dating History, List Of Girlfriends

Andrew Daniel Divoff was born on July 2nd 1955 .He is 64 years of age and was born in San Tome,Venezuela.He lived in Vilassar de Mar in Spain for five years between 1973 and 1977. His first language was Spanish but he later learnt English.

Andrew Divoff Parents

Andrew’s mother was a Venezuelan and his father was a Russian .His parents worked as wildcatters for Exxon but they later divorced.

Andrew Divoff Career Details

Andrew worked as dispatcher for a limousine company after he returned from California and later became a limo driver in 1983. His trainers in the acting lessons included Milton Katselas .He is an actor and acted in The Hunt for Red October Air force one and also in Toy soldiers.Moreover,he is a film director and a tour guide.

Andrew Divoff Net Worth

Andrew’s net worth is $30 million.

Is Andrew Divoff Dating Girlfriend?

Andrew is currently not dating and he is single although he has been dating in the recent past with Alice Sozanskaya in 2010,Erica Todisch in 2009 and Marina Drujko from 2006-2007.

Andrew Divoff Marriage Details

He was married to Raissa Danilova, a Russian actress in 1922 and divorced in 1998.

Andrew Divoff Kids

Andrew has no children

Andrew Divoff Body Measurements

He has a height of 1.85m, Weight 68kg, Body size 43 inch, Eye color is brown, chest size is 43 inch and his Skin color is fair.

Andrew Divoff Languages

He can speak in nine languages; English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Catalan, Swedish, French, German and Portuguese.

Andrew Divoff Career Details

He acted in the following television shows:-

  • Perry Mason as Al Howard(2020)
  • Vault as Buddy Woonsocket(2019),
  • Colony as ambassador king(2017),
  • The Blacklist as Karakurt (2015-2016),
  • The Strain as Peter Bishop (2014)
  • Nikita as Krieg(2013)
  • The Good Guys as Pedro (2010)
  • Lost as Milkhail Bakunin (2006-2010)
  • Criminal Minds as Dad (2009)
  • Leverage as Sergel,Law and order as Andre Bushido
  • Burn Notice as Ivan (2008)
  • The unit as The major(2006)
  • Alias as Lucein Nisard, JAG as Russian Captain (2005)
  • Dracula as Doctor (2002)
  • The Agency as Colonel Grachev 
  • UC: Undercover as Martin Ritger (2001)
  • Walker, Texas Ranger as Carlos, Durius
  • Cardoza Alberto (2000, 1998, 1995)
  • Nash Bridges as Carl Dugan
  • Blackbeard (1997,2000)
  • Killers in the House as Delaney Breckett (1998)
  • Acapulco H.E.A.T as The Raven (1998)
  • EZ Streets as Andre Frenchie Desormeaux (1996-1997)
  • Highlander as Bryan Slade
  • Gavriel Larca (1992-1996)
  • Tarzan; The Epic Adventures as Nicholai Rock off (1996)
  • Deadly Voyage as Romachenko (1996)
  • The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. as Blackbeard LaCutte (1993)
  • By Dawn’s Early Light as Russian Premier’s Assistant (1990)
  • Fear Stalk as Man (1989), Breaking point as Aide (1989)
  • Out on the Edge as Luke (1989)
  • Heartbeat as Yuri (1989)
  • Thirty something as Limo driver (1989)
  • Hooper man (1987)

Andrew acted in the following video games:-

  • Command and conquer: Red Alert 3 as General Nikolai Krukov (2008)
  • Lost: Via Domus as Mikhail Bakunin (2008)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops as Lev Kravchenko
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 11 as Lev Kravchenko (2012)

He acted in the following films:

  • Vault as Buddy Woonsocket (2019) 
  • Demons as Jasper Grant
  • The Hatred as Samuel Sears (2017)
  • Bad Asses, Pretty Fine Things as Dr. Murray (2014)
  • The Immigrant as Tolik (2013) 
  • Night of the Living Dead 3D:Re-animation as Gerald Tovar , Jr (2012) 
  • Slip and Fall as Dean Dickman(2011)
  • The Dead Matter as Villach 
  • Shadows in Paradise as Lt. Sronach (2010) 
  • Ballistica as Dragomir 
  • Magic Man as Rudolph Treaswell (2009)
  • Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as Russian Soldier
  • Boston Strangler: The Untold Story as Det. John Marsden (2008)
  • The Rage as Dr. Viktor Vailienko
  • Treasure Raiders as Cronin (2007)
  • American Dreamz as Chinese Translator (2006)
  • Sharkskin 6 as Eddie
  • Dr. Rage as Timothy Stun (2005)
  • Moscow Heat as Secretary Weston 
  • Forbidden Warrior as Ujis-Aka (2004)
  • The Librarians as Marcos, Knight Club as Krukov(2003)
  • Blue Hill Avenue as Detective Tyler
  • The Rage Within as Shane (2001)
  • Lockdown as Perez
  • Faust : Love of the Damned as M (2000)
  • Stealth Fighter as Roberto Menendez
  • Crossfire as Dekova (1998)
  • Touch me as Dr. Vachenko (1997)
  • Adrenalin Fear the Rush as Sterns
  • Nemesis 4: Death Angel as Bernardo(1996)
  • The Random Factor as Jake Anders (1995)
  • Oblivion as Red Eye 
  • Dangerous Touch as Johnnie (1994)
  • Running Cool as Bone
  • Extreme Justice as Angel (1993)

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