Booger McFarland Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Height, Weight

Booger McFarland, whose birth name is Anthony Darelle McFarland, is a football analyst and a former defensive tackle football player. He played football in NFL – National Football League. Booger played college football at the Louisiana State University. In 1999, he was drafted in the 1st round of NFL draft by Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won the Super Bowl XXXVII. Anthony McFarland likewise played for the Indianapolis Colts and won the Super Bowl XLI. Since 2018, Booger has been serving as an analyst for Monday Night Football.

Booger McFarland Ethnicity, Family History

Booger is black by race and an American by nationality, therefore, he’s an African-American. He was born in Louisiana, USA. There is no information about McFarland’s parents and siblings, but an expression he mentioned in an interview showed there are probably 3 siblings, with Booger inclusive. He said in the interview that his mother raised 3 kids with $18,000 in a year.

History had it that Anthony McFarland was a mischievous and bad kid as a child – he was very tough. His mischievous acts were so noticeable right from age 2, his mother out of frustration often referred to him as “Booger”, while his friends and sister teased him and join in calling him that name too. Booger almost set his parents’ house ablaze as a child when he set the rubbish pile on fire. The mother wasn’t at home at the time of the incident. McFarland escaped that ordeal with minimum punishment, probably because the house did not get burnt and the family focused more on being thankful for that instead. However, as Anthony McFarland gets older, his bad behaviors began to be replaced with good ones and changes were spotted in him from age 12.

Nonetheless, the nickname never went away with the bad behaviour- it stuck with him right till this day. Apparently, Anthony’s Darelle McFarland hot his nickname, Booger from his mother!

Booger McFarland Body Measurements

Booger McFarland has a height of 1.83m. or 183cm. (6ft.) and weighs 127kg. (281 lbs.) – a weight that appears to be perfect for his height.

Booger McFarland Bio: Age,Early Life And Educational Background

Anthony Darelle McFarland was born in Winnsboro, Louisiana on the 18th of December, 1997 and grew up there. He attended Winnsboro High School and played football there. He continued his education at Louisiana State University (LSU) and continued to play football as well – he played for LSU Tigers from 1995- 1998. When he was in his freshman year, Booger played as a defensive tackle and has a record of 73 tackles at the time the LSU Tigers won the Independence Bowl. He likewise played football during his sophomore year until he completed his college education. McFarland greatly contributed to the victories his school recorded in 1996 and 1997, when the team won the Peach Bowl and the Independence Bowl respectively.

Booger McFarland Career And Awards

Anthony McFarland began his football career in 1999 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Throughout his football career with the Buccaneers, he played 84 games and recorded 305 tackles and 20 sacks. He was with Tampa Buccaneers from 1999 – 2006.
Booger joined the Indianapolis Colts in October of 2006, where he met with his former coach while on the Buccaneers team. When he joined the Colts, the team was positioned last in the league in run defense. Then also, the defensive tackle for the team, Corey Simon was out because of injury. Booger played matches against the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, the New England Patriots and more. He also played against the Chicago Bears and won 27 – 17. He was with the Colts from 2006 – 2007.

McFarland had an injury during the off-season training and that brought his career as a footballer to an end. Anthony McFarland began his broadcasting Career as a co-host in 2012 on Tampa Sports radio station until 2014. In 2014, he began working as an analyst on the SEC Network. He also served as a part-time guest on the program titled, Mike & Mike. Booger now serves as a sideline analyst and consultant on the Monday Night Football show on EPSN’s.

Booger was a 2-times champion of the Super Bowl – he won the Super Bowl XXXVII and XLI. He also won the 1998 First-team All-American.

Booger McFarland Marriage Life

Anthony McFarland got married to his wife, Tammie McFarland in 2008. Tammie also goes by Tammy and the duo have 2 children; a daughter, Alexis and a son, Jacob. McFarland has been married for more thank 10 years and there has never been any rumor of separation or extra-marital affairs against him or his wife.

Booger McFarland Net Worth

Booger has made good money over the years. For instance, he earned $2,400,000 as a footballer from his club. He also signed a contract in 2003 worth $34,000,000 for 6 years, with a possible bonus of $9,500,000 inclusive. Presently, his net worth is estimated to be around $2,000,000.

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