Brad Stevens Is Happily Married To Wife Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens. Know His Net Worth

Brad Stevens is a successful man whose passion turned into a career. He is the head coach of the Boston Celtics and a former player at DePauw University. With years of basketball experience, Stevens has come a long way to be who he is today. Since childhood, Brad Stevens has demonstrated a strong passion for basketball. He would watch recorded basketball tapes at the age of 5.

He also loved puzzles, which would prepare him for future analytical problem-solving. Stevens’ dedication was so great, he would bring raw ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches to his friend’s basketball court just to save time.

Brad Stevens Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Brad Stevens was born on 22nd Oct 1976 to Mark and Jan Stevens and raised in Zionsville, Indianapolis. Today he is 43 years old. Stevens went to Zionsville Community High School where he gathered four records. He was a remarkable basketball player and a good student who was committed to his studies.

Brad Stevens Education Details

Brad Stevens later went to DePauw University where he continued playing basketball. He was also an academic performer by balancing basketball with studies. In 1999, Brad Stevens graduated from the university with a degree in Economics.

Brad Stevens Weight And Height

Most basketball players are tall. Brad Stevens is 1.85m tall. His weight is unknown.

Brad Stevens Career Details

Stevens’ career began as a long-life passion. In his younger years, he and his father would watch Indiana Hoosiers games in Bloomington. Thanks to his parents, he could now play basketball after getting a basketball hoop installed on the driveway. Stevens says that growing up in Indiana, it was difficult to not love basketball.

Stevens’ career as a coach began in 2000. He was offered a volunteering position at Butler. However, this meant that he had to quit his job at Eli Lilly. His girlfriend advised him to go for the spot. Stevens served for some time and later got promoted to assistant coach by Todd Lickliter for his activeness and commitment to the task.

Stevens interacted well with the players. His six-year experience helped him bond with them. Soon after Tod Lickliter quit coaching for the Butlers in 2007, Stevens was appointed the head coach. He led the Butlers to Season championships, league tournament titles, and two times into NCAA Division I games.

In July 2013, Brad Stevens was appointed the head coach of Boston Celtics. To get to the top, Brad uses a calm approach to coach his teams. He keenly observes the game and picks out the areas that need improvement. When correcting his players, Brad uses positive reinforcement to keep his players cool throughout the match. His teams usually have a strong defense which intimidates the opponents to make unforeseen errors that can be exploited.

Brad Stevens Marriage Life With Tracy Wilhelmy

Brad Stevens is married to Tracy Wilhelmy. They met back at DePauw University. At the time, Tracy played soccer for the university while Brad played basketball. She noticed how much he loved basketball and accepted a 1 and a half-hour drive just to watch a high school game.

This lovely couple has been watching out for each other since they met. When Brad took the volunteer job at Butler, Tracy returned to school to pay the bills in case Brad’s job failed. She attended Case Western’s Law School and used to visit Brad, who was five driving hours away. Brad and Tracy have always stood out for each other.

Tracy couldn’t help but notice that Brad is a very competitive man. He always looks for ways to win. His competitive spirit is great but still, Brad is a humble person. Brad and Tracy are also engaged in charity work. They are part of the Jukes Foundation for kids in Uganda. Unfortunately, Tracy’s mom died of cancer in 2004 and this has been a tough truth to bear. They are both members of the American Cancer Societies for which they held a fundraiser.

Tracy and Brad are parents to Brady Stevens (son) and Kinsley Stevens (daughter).

Brad Stevens Net Worth

Today, Brad Stevens’ net worth is estimated at $8 million. His wife Tracy’s is estimated at $1 million. Stevens receives a salary of $3 million per year since signing a $22 million contract with the Boston Celtics.

Most of Brad’s income is generated from his coaching job at Boston Celtics. His wife, on the other hand, is a professional labor and employment lawyer.

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