Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski Bo, Age, Career, Net Worth, Son Zack Larson, Wife Karen Gillis

Mostly he likes to keep his life private and doesn’t share much about his personal life with anyone. It’s rare that someone knows about his birth date,Birthplace or even his parents as far as I know he likes to keep it all secret. However, with some research on him we have found out that he attended the Norwin High School and graduated in 1975. Which suggests his birth year maybe around 1950.

Then he decided to serve in the military and joined the US Navy and got posted to the West Coast. After serving in the Navy for over years,he started working for Alaska.

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski Career Details

For around two decades down the line in the high seas, he conducted fishing tours in Costa Rica and Mexico and then decided to settle there with his family. HE had been approached by the discovery channel for their shows but Bill kept declining their offer and later he accepted it in its 6th season.

He’s motto was “hard work and honesty,” though he was always known for using unconventional methods — that partly explains the nickname “Wild” is for keeping his crew going strong.

After he graduated he joined the US Navy in 1975. When bill’s military service ended, Alaska’s king-crab fisherman lured bill to the Bering Sea. Where, Bill spent the next 20 years of his life, ultimately working on his way up the ladder to become captain.
In the middle of 2005,when he semi retired to run sport fishing tours out of Costa Rica and Mexico. Around two years later, Bill decided to brought his son, Zack Larson, on board on ship he named as a greenhorn. Absence of zack is always there with bill as he does everything he can for his son.Both never had eye to eye as finally Zack decided to leave his father’s work and took a job on with Brenna A with Captain Sean Dwyer in Season 13 the following season.

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski Family Details

Bill got married to Karen Gillis and had two sons and one daughter named Zack Larson, Jake and Delia Wichrowski.As mentioned earlier he never talks about her and has kept most of his life about his family private. Even the details of their marriage was so confident that Bill confirmed he intended to stay private. Bill Wichrowski and his wife Karen Gillis now used to live a happy life at their house in San Carlos.

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski Net Worth And Salary

Bill has endured countless challenges in his life, from the cold weather to engineering faults in the machinery. He has been working on the Bering Sea for around 20 years.Running sports and fishing tours have become a good source of income for bills.

The fan-favorite cast Wild Bill Wichrowski’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $3 million and it’s mostly as a result of his fishing expeditions. He’s current salary is believed to be around $300 thousand which mostly comes from the wages he gets from his appearance on the show.

Moreover miscellaneous crew jobs in the transportation department is also he’s source of income for a long time.

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski And His Son Zack Larson

As a fan we have noticed the relationship between Bill and his son Zack Larson are not quite there . Some have even questioned themselves as to why he doesn’t share his last name Wichrowski. Zack is the firstborn son of bill’s ex-wife.And in interview when asked to bill about tension he has in working with his blood they replied that he hardly knows him since he was a grwe up with her mother as we had divorce. Later Zack reduced to work with bill and decided to work in captain Sean and currently they both are appearing in 13th season of the show.

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