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Flying Wild Alaska Ariel Tweto Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family Charity Work

33-year-old Ariel Tweto came into this world on December 14, 1987. She stands 5ft. 5in. tall and weighs 45kg. She is a piot, television personality, and actress. She became famous when she was featured on the reality show “Flying Wild Alaska.”

Ariel Tweto Family Details

Tweto was born as Ariel Eva Tuadraq-Atauchaq Tweto in Unalakleet, Alaska, and is the daughter of Freno and Jim Tweto. She also has a sister named Alya Tweto.

Her father was a hockey player when he met her mom. After they married, they decided to start an aviation business, Era Alaska.

Ariel Tweto Education Details

Tweto grew up in Nome Census, Alaska. She attended Chapman University in southern California and received a degree in communication.

Ariel Tweto Career

Tweto was featured in the television show “Wipeout” at a young age. The directors like what they saw and spoke to the Tweto family about doing a reality show about living in the Alaskan wilderness.

Her parents decided to participate but continue running their aviation business. The result was the reality show “Flying Wild Alaska” on the Discovery channel.

In 2012 Tweno was a guest on “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Tweto hosted the television series “Native Shorts” in 2013. She also hosted the Miss U.S.A. Alaska in 2013-2014.

In 2015 Tweto was featured in the documentary “Flying Again.” The show was about eight out of shape pilots whose objective is to develop their talents and once again become pilots. She made a training video titled “Turning Stalls With Ariel Tweto,” and it was released on YouTube in June of 2015.

She has produced many shows such as “Francis”, a short film. In 2018 she produced “The Pipeline.”

Ariel Tweto Net Worth

Her net worth is over $1 million

More About The Show Flying Wild Alaska

“Flying Wild Alaska” is on the Discovery Channel. The documentary debuted in 2011.

The show features the Tweto family filming from Utquiaqvik, Deadhorse, and other places.

The Tweto Family

  • Jim Tweto is the CEO of the Era Alaska aviation line. He was born in Wichita, Kansas, but after his birth, his family moved to Silver Bay, Minnesota. At the age of 18, he moved to Anchorage, Alaska, on a hockey scholarship with the University of Alaska-Anchorage. Realizing his passion for aviation, he moved to Unalakleet, Alaska, in 1980. He became the CEO of Era when three airline companies merges in 2009 – Frontier Flying Service, Era Aviation, and Hageland Aviation. It is now the largest regional airline in Alaska.
  • Ferno Tweto is the manager of the Unalakleet Station. She was born in Anchorage and raised in Unalakleet. Tweto is also a pilot having received her pilot certificate in Everett, Washington, in 1981. She married Jim Tweto in 1988. They began working together and raised three daughters. Two of them are involved with the show.
  • Ariel Tweto worked with the Unalakleet ground crew. She is the second child of Jim and Ferno. In the 2011-2013 season of “Flying Wild Alaska,” she was seen taking flight training to get her pilot’s license. Her instructor Chelsea Abingdon Welch is featured in the show.
  • Ayla Tweto is Ariel’s sister and also part of the ground crew. She lives in Anchorage, studying to become a paramedic. She visits the family on weekends and has a private pilot’s certificate.

The show ended after three seasons, mostly because Jim had decided to retire. The family had their fill of cameras and people following along with what they were doing. Ariel continues her media career.

Tweto has a television project coming up in a series titled “Covering Alaska.” She will also be seen in a Brazilian beer commercial.

Ariel Tweto Charity Work

Tweto is acutely aware of the rate of suicide among teenagers in Alaska. To address the situation, she co-founded the charity “Pop Bubbles.” The charity offers integrative programs and activities for the community.

She visits schools and other forums to communicate with the youth and talk about their purpose in life and the importance of pursuing their dreams.

Is Ariel Tweto Married To Husband?

Tweto is single. She spends her time competing in cross-country running, and since May 2002 she has been running every day.

She is very active on social media. You can follow her on Instagram. She posts photos of her adventures and holidays. She is also on Twitter.

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