Is Antonio Ballatore Married? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Family, Parents

For those familiar with his childhood dreams just before he made his appearance on HGTV’s competitive series- Design Star, The Antonio Treatment & Animal Planet’s Animal Cribs, many will agree that at times, the reality you got may be way cool than the dream you’ve always pictured. Antonio is a testament of such an instance. He’d always wanted to be a famous rock star before he turned 40, instead, he became a reality star and fully fledged designer.

Antonio Ballatore Bio: Age, Family, Parents, Early Life

Born on the 21st of January 1969 in the city of New York and raised in a small family upstate. Antonio grew up in an environment surrounded by Art as both father and mother were artists. His first family house was a small bungalow which later grew into a larger house with different art studios because of his parent profession. Antonio used to work at his father’s studio during his childhood.

Antonio Ballatore and his brother were the only children in the lives of their parent. His mother passed away in 1991 due to a heart disease. Being the son to an avid collector, the father who usually fills their home with beautiful and rare works of Art has been a major design influence on Antonio.

Now the entirety of Antonio upper space is filled with various collection of art, memorabilia, and rich tribute to people who have at one point or the other had an impact on his life. In a simple sentence, we could say; Antonio developed his father’s habit of collecting. Antonio is currently 51 years old.

Antonio Ballatore Career Details

Antonio worked in construction where he labored and builds houses from age 15 until he turned 21 while still holding unto his dream. And as soon as he turned 21, he returned to his hometown in the city of New York. Antonio have always wanted to be a rockstar- a famous one at that, by the time he turns 40. Getting back to his hometown, and while still living a rough life touring around in rock bands, Antonio landed a job that deals with a lot of bar and restaurant designs in Manhattan. He was even opportune to have worked with the famous David LaChapelle at a point in his life, all thanks to his friend. A year after their first meeting, Antonio became David’s set designer constructing elaborate sets for most of his photo shoots. The project he did for David LaChapelle marked a turning point in his life, because he immediately started working as a set designer. He had also worked on set with some of the world’s famous photographers including Annie Leibovitz and Mark Seliger. His design set stood out, and after much impressive work from Antonio, another friend sent sample of his work to a TV show- Design star. Having won the show, Antonio decided to host a TV show of his- a docu-design series “The Antonio Treatment.” He even starred in his own TV show which lasted for two seasons. Antonio’s excellence at design have earned him the name “Lady Gaga of Design” from the LA weekly, on several occasion.

He bagan his own design studio- 413. He teamed up with professionals in the industry to form a lifestyle agency- “The Ingredient Group.” Antonio’s major clients included world class photographers like David LaChappelle, Annie Leibovitz, Torkil Gudnason, Robert Trachtenberg and Deborah Anderson, and others.

His Other Works

Alongside the TV show “The Antonio Treatment”, Antonio hosts another TV show “Animal Cribs” and owns a merch “Born With A Tail”.

Animal Planet’s Animal Cribs, is a reflection of Antonio’s love for interior designs and pets, as he and his design team used their expertise to transform cramped homes and open spaces into jaw breaking and attractive environment for pets and people they love. The merch “Born With A Tail” was a result of Antonio’s quest to build a brand to call his own. His eye for design and love for pet gave rise to the production of human and animal apparel.

Is Antonio Ballatore Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend?

Antonio doesn’t have a wife just yet, but we can only speculate that his current girlfriend who often pop up on his Instagram might soon be. Before Antonio met his current lover, it was rumored that the only other woman to feature in his life was the former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress, Jennie Garth, once married to Peter Facinelli. Two months after her divorce, Jennie and Garth were spotted at a restaurant having a candlelit dinner. This however sparked up a few rumors of them dating, but nothing came of it.

There is a limit to the information we can provide on Antonio Ballatore as he most times keeps his life private.

Antonio Ballatore Net Worth

Not too many information here either, however, he earns an average salary of $50,529 per year. His TV gigs, and also, his brand sales also add to his net worth.

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