Is Taylor Lautner Dating A new Girlfriend After Separation With Billie Lourd? Know His Bio, Age, Net Worth

No one in this world having even a little knowledge of Hollywood celebrities would refuse to know who Taylor Lautner is. The handsome guy performed the role of Jacob Black in Twilight series which was his most valuable roles of his career. Yes! Taylor Lautner is the one who performed the famous role of Jacob Black. He ages 28 and is one of the dashing young boys of Hollywood.

Taylor Lautner Caree Details

Taylor Lautner was one of the most quickly rising teenager of the History. Just at the age of 17, he got the privilege to be the most highly paid teenager of all time. He was paid the amount for a movie in the history-maker Twilight series. Formerly, he had been working in various projects like voice-overs, modeling and advertisements.

Taylor Lautner Dating History

Dating is the part of life where Taylor Lautner had been very active and successful. Being quite dashing, young and with a hilarious sense of humor, he is always the big crush of huge number of female gender.

His first ever girlfriend was Sara Hicks. This was when they were very young in school-life. Since, neither Taylor Lautner nor Sara were well-known celebrities by that time, therefore there is no sufficient information regarding this relation. One thing is for sure, however, that they were looking extremely cute that time. Few years back after they broke up, they were seen that they left LA Lakers game together. This means that they split up in good terms.

After his first affair with Sara, Taylor Lautner started dating the great singer Selina Gomez back in 2009 when they were filming their movies in Vancouver, Canada. They dated for few months but this ended as soon as they left after filming their projects.
Later in 2009, Taylor Lautner got in relationship with the beautiful Taylor Swift. It was when they were on the set of movie Valentine’s Day. However, this relation did not hold up very long and only very few months later in December, they decide to break up. Although the decision to break up was from the actress side, she later admitted that she wanted Taylor Lautner to come back. Taylor Swift is now, after these few years, in love with Joe Alwyn.

Lilly Collins was another very beautiful star that Taylor Lautner has dated for some time when they were filming their movie Abduction. It was not the first time they had met but the relationship started during filming the movie. This also lasted only few months and they separated just before their movie premier.

At the time Taylor Lautner and Marie Avegropoulos were on set for shooting their film Tracers, they started dating quietly which lasted some time. They started in 2013 and split up in the start of 2015.

Ashley Benson is one of the beauties that have been associated with Taylor Lautner. They are strongly believed to be in a healthy relationship but they themselves insist that they are only good friends. Their claim is blessed health by the fact that Ashley, since 2018, is dating well-known model Cara Delevigne.

Billie Lourd and Taylor were also in a good relationship for some time. Taylor helped her a lot when she was going through a very hard time when her mother and grandmother died only in a span of two days. They, however, split in 2017 but not in a foul manner. They are still friendly as of today.

Taylor Lautner is currently dating Taylor Dome who is a nursing student. Their source of meeting is not known but they look very cute in their recent photos. They have confirmed their relationship with the actor having a gentle kiss on the girl’s cheeks which she feels very good. Their relation has now reached two glorious years and we desperately wait to see what happens next in their life.

Taylor Lautner Body measurements

Taylor Lautner is 5 feet 10 inches tall with a weight of 76 kgs and the following details:
Measurements – 45-15.5-33
Chest – 45 inches
Biceps – 15.5
Waist – 33 inches.

Taylor Lautner Parents

Daniel Lautner, Pilot in Midwest Airlines, is the father of Taylor Lautner while Deborah Lautner who is working for company developing soft wares is his mother.

Taylor Lautner Net worth

As of today, Taylor Lautner has a net worth of $ 40 million.

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