Jason Witten Bio, Age, Nationality, Career, Net Worth

If you love football, you must have heard the name of Jason Witten. The American football star is famous for his amazing athletic career and people love him for his skills. Today we’re gonna see some facts related to his life.

Jason Witten Bio: Early Life And College Career

Jason’s first name isn’t Jason. It’s Christopher. Thus his full name is Christopher Jason Witten. He was born on May 6, 1982 in Elizabethton, Tennessee. He lived with his parents in Washington DC.

Unlike some normal people Jason had a rough start at the beginning of his life. His dad was a drug addict and alcoholic. Christopher was only at the tender age of 6 when he witnessed his dad, Ed, abusing his mother, Kim, and his two older brothers, Ryan and Shawn. Surely that was not a sight for a 6-year old kid to watch and affected him in the long run.

Due to the bad situation at his house, Witten moved to Elizabethton to his grandparents house at the age of 11. Dave, his grandfather, was the coach of a local football team. He was the one that taught Jason how to play this sport and soon he was the linebacker and tight end in a team.

Jason’s football game got better and better as he played multiple matches and soon he received a few awards including All-American, All-State, USA Today Player of the year for Tennessee, Regional Defensive Player of the Year, runner-up for the Mr. Football award and East Tennessee Player of the Year. The football star also knew his way around basketball and scored estimatedly 17 points and 14 rebounds per game.

Back in 2000, Jason joined the University of Tennessee under a scholarship program. The football head coach of that institute made Jason play at the defensive end. He played both special teams and as a second-string defensive end. After an incident that caused severe injuries to him, he was moved to the offensive side in the middle of the season. Of course Christopher didn’t like that and he wanted to transfer but after some time he came in terms with the position and played well. In 2003 Witten got enrolled into the NFL draft from where his career accelerated.

Jason Witten Retirement

A week after April 26, 2018, some rumours about him going the position of lead analyst for ESPN’S Monday Night Football telecasts,

Jason Witten Family And Kids

Christopher and his wife Michelle live in Westlake, Texas located in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex. Michelle is an emergency room nurse at Dallas’s Parkland memorial hospital. The happily married couple has four kids, Cooper, Landry, Hadley and C.J. Not only physically but Jason is also strong spiritually. His faith in God is firm and he even talked about it in a video called I Am Second.

Jason Witten Net Worth

The American football player has a net worth of approximately $14 million.

Jason Witten Body Measurements


122 kg

Eye color

Hair color
Dark brown



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