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David Walker is a British guitarist and singer who been the front-member for many bands. The most notable bands are The Idle Race, Savoy Brown, Fleetwood Mac and Black Sabbath. He is currently the lead singer of Humble Pie.

Walker’s grandmother was very strict and rock and roll was not allowed to be watched on television in his household. He was raided by her grandmother. His first singing experience was at a very young age at a Methodist church, where he volunteered to sing the song “Away in a Manager”. As teenagers, Dave Walker and his brother Mick formed a group that played at weddings and gatherings.

Dave Walker Career Details

The Redcaps (1960-1965)

Dave Walker started his career with a Brumbeat R and B band in 1960 called The Redcaps. The band consisted of Dave, his twin brother Mick Walker, Ronnie on lead vocals, Ronnie’s brother Roy Brown on lead guitar, Mac Broadhurst on saxophone and Jimmy Richards on drums. Dave was on rhythmic guitar; Mick was on bass guitar. In 1962, due to an on-stage argument between Dave and Ronnie, Ronnie departed the band. He was replaced by Mick Blythe and Alan Morley.

The band recorded three singles for Decca Records as the record company was trying to cash in on the success of The Beatles. Because the Redcaps had opened for The Beatles on four occasions. Their first single was in 1963 which was a cover of the pulsating IsleyBrothers’s “Shout” which was backed up by “Little Things You Do”, an original tune which was written by Dave Walker and Roy Brown. Their next single was in 1964 which was also a cover of Chuck Berry’s “Talking About You”. It was backed up by “Come on Girl”. It was rumored that Jimmy Page played on the same song in his early session days. But Walker has said that Page has never played on this track.

The Redcaps was disbanded in 1965 after all their singles flopped.

Beckett (1965-1969)

Walker played In Beckett between 1965 to 1969. The band included of Pete Oliver, Don McGinty and Colin Timmons. The band played at the Rum Runner nightclub in Birmingham three days a week. But the band never recorded and the band disbanded in late 1969.

The Idle Race (1970-1971)

Jeff Lynne left his original band in early 1970, The Idle Race. He joined The Move with former Idle Race guitarist Roy Wood; before it evolved into the Electric Light Orchestra. Idle Race had just built a cult following in the Birmingham area. They still wanted to continue after Lynne’s exit. The remaining members of the band recruited Walker as a lead vocalist and Mike Hopkins as a lead guitarist.

In 1979, the new band recorded two singles for Liberty Records. They recorded the cover of Mungo Jerry’s skiffle hit “In the Summertime”. The cover reached number 1 in Argentina. The cover was backed by an original song of the band called “Told you twice”. They recorded their second single which consisted of a cover of Hotlegs’ “Neanderthal Man. It was backed up by another original song named “Victim of Circumstance”.

Idle Race also recorded an album “Time Is” for Regal Zonophone in 1970. But Dave Walker was anorectically corrected as “Richie Walker”. Then Dave Walker wrote two tracks and also co-wrote two other tracks of this album. All the members of the band departed the band when in 1971, their album was called a commercial failure.

Dave Walker Band  (1979)

Walker briefly assembled his own band after he returned to the U.S. Which consisted of himself, Michael Boyd and StephBurnbuam on guitars. This ventured was short-lived and after the band’s dissolution, Walker temporarily retired from music.

Dave Walker Band (2007-present)

Dave walker recorded and released a solo album in 2007 under his own name. The album was named The Walking Underwater. It featured the guitarist Jimmy Lewis and their working relationship led to David reforming a band under his name. The band featured musicians solely from his home city of Montana. The band consists of Walker, Lewis, Chris Cundy, Eddie Tsuru and Mike Gillan. The band appeared several times at Rockin’ The River Music Festival and Magic City Blues Festival.

Dave Walker Net Worth

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