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Kim Marie Kessler Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

As the wife of the famous WWE Superstar Randy Orton, Kimberly Marie Kessler is better known to the world. Also, other platforms designate her as an American socialite living her best life in foreign holiday destinations like Thailand, the Bahamas and Tahiti.

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Kim Marie Kessler Dating History And Marriage Details

On 14 November 2015, Kim Marie Kessler and Randy Orton were married. The sweet couple had been dating a few months before they married. In July 2015 Randy proposed to Kim.
The wedding had been held in Las Vegas, Nevada, after four months. The entire family took part in the marriage ceremony. Also attending the marriage of their parents were Kessler’s three sons and Orton’s daughter.

Orton explained in an interview with Unfiltered that he had hidden the ring under a napkin and was planning to offer while dancing. He took out the ring and went out to dance with Kim.
On the dance floor, Randy proposed to her, and she directly said sure. Look at Kim’s tweet on that lovely incident.

Kim Marie Kessler Baby With Randy Orton

On 25 November 2016 Kim Marie Kessler and Randy Orton welcomed their first child girl. They have named her Brooklyn Rose Orton.

Kim and Randy posted on social media the photos of a newborn daughter and congratulated the huge numbers of fans around the world. Here’s Randy Orton’s tweet about their lovable daughter.
However, there is very little information known about her other than the life that she puts forth. Often, many have tried to guess the age of Kim Marie whereas relating her to her partner, but no blessing. That said, there are seven motivating evidences about the wife you should know about Randy Orton.

  • She maintained her affiliation with her friends Randy, a secret.
  • Kim Marie Kessler is second wife of Randy Orton
  • Like Randy, Kim Marie Kessler is also a divorcee and mother of five children.
  • They got matching tattoos for Randy Orton and Wife Kim.
  • Kim Marie Kessler is a lover of dogs.
  • Once on social media Kim Marie Kessler bullied one of Randy’s fans.
  • Kim Marie Kessler works on social media.


  • She kept her relationship with Randy, a secret from her friends.

By now, before she met him, you must have heard of Kim Marie Kessler’s massive crush on Randy Orton. With tons of his posters in her bedroom she idolaters him.

The exciting part has been that she was inclined to reveal her boyfriend during the first few months of her relationship. The WWE Superstar disclosed in an interview with Wrestle talk that she had lied to her friends and family about going out with him.
“It’s funny because my wife, Kim, didn’t want to stooge off the fact she was going to visit Randy Orton I was ‘Sandy Norton’ for a while.’ ‘Where do you go, Mama? ‘Aw, I need to go and see Sandy. With Sandy Norton.’

  • Kim Marie Kessler is Randy Orton’s second wife.

Orton previously married Samantha Speno, a gym instructor. Randy and Kim Marie have been dating for some time and were married back in 2007. Yet their relationship ended in a divorce, completed in 2013. Some of the details outlined were to cheat allegations on Randy’s part, as well as devote too much time as a wrestling entertainer away from home. Nonetheless, right after his split from Samantha Speno, Kim Marie Kessler was already dating Orton in 2012. Three years later, while on holiday at Bora Bora, Randy proposed to her as they danced. She believed his offer and four months in future, on November 14, 2015, she rode down the aisle to her wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Kim Marie Kessler, like Randy, is also a divorcee and mother of five kids

Kim Marie Kessler and Randy Orton also lounged in their former marriage woes aside from their mutual love for wrestling and sports entertainment. She was earlier married with an unknown man and had three sons. Whereas Randy and his ex, Samantha, have remained to date good friends, Kessler’s ex-husband remains a mystery. Randy and Kim also welcomed their first daughter, Brooklyn Rose Orton, on a completely different page, on November 22, 2016. From his previous marriage with Samantha Speno, she is also close to Randy’s daughter, Alanna Marie Orton. The Orton is one huge blended family that’s getting along with each other quite well.

  • Randy Orton and Wife Kim got matching tattoos

The iconic stage performance by Randy Orton had him stuck with The Viper persona and his body covered in tattoos.

Kim Marie Kessler wanted to share something permanent in her love, and decided to have one too. Randy is crested on his chest and ribs with a tribal tattoo while Kim has her ink done on her collarbone. She shared her tattoo picture on Twitter, stating that it’s worth the pain she’s been through.

Because Orton’s previous marriage failed because he spent less time with his family at home, he vowed to allocate more hours. While on the World Wrestling tour, that meant turning down events and promo gigs. He sometimes takes the family out to exotic destinations, instead.
One such was their hiking trip in Bora Bora where they found a dog that was not going to live their trail. The twosome departed over the long delivery course to their US for the sake of their children who respected him. Spike is an Orton family rescue dog and currently a member.

  • Kim Marie Kessler once bullied one of Randy’s fans on social media.

Kim Marie Kessler is not the only one to have a crush on the former champion of the WWE World. There are lots of WWE Super fans out there who love Randy Orton and cross with his wife in particular. They went so far as to call her out as a gold digger who was only after the money from Randy.

Other social media users have even accused her of deleting tweets from most of his fan mails. One determined fan named Kayla Gomez stalked Orton and sent to her Twitter account disturbing images from Kim. She even went so far as to snap a image of herself and Randy while he was in Texas at a gym. The couple who have named her ‘Ms’ since. Piggy ‘bullied her before finally blocking her on social media.

  • Kim Marie Kessler is active on social media.

The wife of Randy Orton is a socialite with 373 K Instagram followers and 78.5 K Twitter followers.

Kim Marie has it all in her social media accounts, whether it’s her husband delivering RKO’s, winning titles, or just sharing about her lifestyle. She works out at the gym with him and supports him on Smack Down Live by taking a stance on relevant matches. In addition, all of her holidays are captured in her Instagram handles.

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