Jessica Simpson Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Husband, Divorce, Kids

Jessica Simpson is a name that needs no introduction to anyone. She was born on July 10, 1980 in Abilene, Texas and raised outside of Abilene in Richardson, a suburb of Dallas. She was the first child of Mr. Joe who was a psychologist by profession and Tina Ann Simpson ( a homemaker).

Jessica Simpson Education Details

Jessica graduated from Richardson North Junior High School in 1995. After completing her graduation, she attended JJ Pearce High School till 1998 in Richardson. She was a brilliant student at the time of schooling and her IQ was 160s that enabled her to apply for braniac club membership. It was really a remarkable achievement for her to represent her intelligence among the genius pupils.

Jessica Simpson Career Details

Jessica entered the entertainment, music and fashion industries like a storm. Her appealing body figure, bold personality and sweet voice like a rock-star has made her a media darling and an international star.

Pop Star Jessica has a very strong fan following but her singing career has been full of unexpected turns somehow like a roller coaster ride. She began her singing career as a preteen with Christian music. She began to sign as part of the Baptist Church Choir. She tried auditioning for ‘MMC’ (1989) as a child but she lost the part to future stars like Britney Spears who became her tough competitors in the music industry after a few years.

After being disappointed several times with Christian music, Simpson’s close knit family encouraged her not to give up on her dream of becoming a singer and then she made the transition to pop music

Jessica’s first pop album “Sweet Kisses” was a massive hit. The album was released in 1999 and spawned consecutive two hit singles viz “I Think I’m In Love With You” and “I Wanna Love Your Forever” . She also covered a duet with Nick Lachey who became her husband in the future on “Where You Are”. The album was a massive hit and the set sold an estimated 4 million copies worldwide. Their second album “Irresistible” was also one of the biggest hit of that time.

Meanwhile, on June 29, 2006 she released her new single “A Public Affair” The album not just rocked on the mouth of her fans but it also entered the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. The song also earned a gold certification from RIAA as more than 500, 00 copies of the album were sold in the United States.

She also released her next song “The Single” a day prior to her divorce from Lachey. This was an upbeat breakup song and notably entered the top 10 of the iTunes Store. Her next empowerment anthem “ I Belong to Me” (2006) failed to repeat the commercial success like her former albums.

Jessica Simpson also acted in a comedy film ‘Employee of the Month’ (2006) starred alongside Dax Shepard and Dane Cook. The film was met with negative reactions from the critics as well as public and hence it failed to achieve the expected commercial success.

Jessica Simpson Dating, Marriage Details

While working on her next album, Jessica married her husband Nick on October 26, 2002. Only a few days after their marriage, the newly married couple was featured in MTV’s reality show “Newlyweds” in August 2003. The show was the biggest hit of that era as the show conceptualized following their lives as a marriage couple. The show ran on air for almost 18 months and the last episode aired on March 30, 2005.

Jessica started dating singer/songwriter John Mayer from August 2006 on or off for almost a year. In between this period, she began working on her 5th studio album in 2005.

In November 2007, she started dating Tony Romo. But Simpson received controversial feedback from the fans of the Cowboys as she was blamed for Romo’s poor performance in games after the pair got together. Even US President George W Bush implies the negative comment on the pair’s relationship. After so many controversies both of them decided to end their relationship in July 2009.

Jessica Simpson Motherhood And Kids

After divorce, Jessica married Eric Johnson in 2014.She is now the mother of 3 lovely kids. Jessica gave birth to a daughter on May 1, 2012. After becoming a mother she launched a maternity clothing line in 2012. She also gave birth to a cute son, Ace Knute Johnson on June 30, 2013. In September 2018, she confirmed her pregnancy and gave birth to her daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson, on March 19,2019.

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