Joshua Gomes Is Married To Wife Amy Pham. Know His Age, Career,Net Worth, Height, Weight

Joshua Gomes is the famous American actor that you must have seen in TV Shows Without a Trace, Chuck and The Crazy Ones. Born on 20th of November 1975 with present age 44, he showcases his talent as a writer as well as a producer of various short films, wherein he has starred and contributed his bit to many soundtracks of these shows.

He has maintained his vegetarian diet for more than 20 years now because he absolutely love animals. He is a Christian by faith and also attended the Cornerstone Christian Academy for multiple years in Bayonne, New Jersey, where he was born and raised. He is also a runner and has taken part in many marathons.

Joshua Gomes Career Details

He first appeared on air in the show Law and Order in the year 2001 on an episode, “Possession”. He then co-starred an Indie movie named “Last Man Running” with his brother in the year 2003. He also appeared as an actor in Chuck, where his character name is Morgan Grimes, who is the best friend of Zachary Levi, Joshua’s real life friend.

He has worked in many commercials for absolutely famous brands like the T-Mobile, Wendy’s, IBM and Volkswagen. He had a recurring character in the CBS TV series titled ”Without a Trace” as James Mackeroy who is shown as a computer savvy person. He also turned up on Castle as a time-traveling savior. He has also voiced for the character of Baralai in “Final Fantasy X-2” video game and as Parker in the video game titled “Turok”. Recently, he also released his music album in 2017 namely “Searching for an outlet during an ice age”.

He also appeared in “Lucifer” series episode titled “The Last Heartbreak” as Neil Berger, and has made numerous appearances in many episodes of different TV series. In addition to this, he has also acted in the movies “Bring it on again” and the “Force of execution” in 2004 and 2014 respectively.

Joshua Gomes Parents And Siblings

He has one older brother, Rick Gomez. He co-starred in the movie Last Man Running with Rick Gomes in the year of 2003, which was a success. His father, Rich Gomes, is a famous entertainer as well and has played alongside Beatles member George Harrison in the national tour of the show “Beatle mania”. Joshua has always travelled with his father from a very young age, maybe that’s why he knew that he wanted to pursue acting as his career.

Joshua Gomes Is Married To Wife Amy Pham

Joshua got married in 2011 to his beautiful wife Amy Pham. They do not have any kids together by far.

Joshua Gomes House

They had a mid century modern house built by a California architect in Tarzana until 2015, but after that they sold it for $2.7 million.

Joshua Gomes Body Measurements

His height is not so much and affixes at 5 feet 8 inches.

Joshua Gomes Net Worth And Salary

His net worth is estimated to be $17 million approximately and is reported to make almost $2 million in a year through his television shows and appearances.

Joshua Gomes has retained his position in this industry and has managed to build a whopping career as a television shows and movie actor and producer. His Hispanic descent, coal black hair and the frequent beard, could not let the producers to pigeonhole or typecast him from any scene or role. The American actor, Joshua Gomez, has proved himself to be tailor-made just for Hollywood character roles since the year 2000. He has done impressively well for himself. He has managed to get more than 15 million dollars as wealth from his career and the figure keeps on increasing with each passing day! He has a good and healthy relationship with his wife and keep their private lives to themselves so as to avoid all the negative side-effects that come with fame and success of the public eye.

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