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Mona Charen Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Mona Charen is a 63-year-old American columnist, podcaster, a senior fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center, political analyst, and a writer based in Washington, D.C. Born on February 25, 1957, she was born in New York, United States and was raised in Livingstone, based in New Jersey.

In 1979, she joined Barnard College, where she graduated with a B.A degree. She later joined The George Washington University, where she graduated with a degree in law.

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Mona Charen Career Details

In 1979, Ms. Mona Charen started her profession at National Review magazine as an editor.

In 1984, she joined White house as a staff, where she worked for First Lady Nancy Reagan as a speechwriter.

She was later promoted to the Office of Public Liaison as an associate director. While in the White House, she worked as a Public Affairs officer whose job was to craft the Presidential communication strategy.

In 1988, Ms. Mona Charen ditched White house and joined Jan Kemp presidential campaign team, where she worked as a speechwriter, but eventually, they lost in the elections.

After losing the presidential elections with Jan Kemp camp in the presidential elections, she started her column late in 1988. This column was a breakthrough as it was featured on more than 130 newspapers and websites, and it is one of the best reads in column history. Her column appeared on National News Magazine, where she started her career, Townhall Media Company and eZine magazine, the Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and The Washington Times among others. Among the articles she wrote are Understanding African-American Deaths from COVID-19, China’s Lies, and Ours, Preserve Our Election, The Moral Failing of Bernie Sanders, Lovable Ol’ Bernie, The Telling Taciturnity of Trump Staffers, Claremont’s New Class of Fellows Would Make Its Founders Weep, Should Democrats Avoid Female Candidates?, The Show Trial of Brett Kavanaugh, The Corruption of Congress, Kim Jong-un Pulls the Wool over President Trump’s Eyes, Making Sense of Eric Schneiderman, Nobel Talk, A Little Too Much Reality in the Trump Reality Show, The Trump Administration’s Undrained Swamp among many others she has written. This column writing made her achieve her recognition in her journalism career.

In 1988, she got a job on CNN as a weekly commentator on CNN Capital Gang and Capital Gang Sunday, a political show that used to be aired every Saturday at 7.00 p.m. The show ran until it was canceled in 2005.

Ms. Joie Choen also served as a judge of Pulitzer prizes.
Ms. Choen is currently a co-host on the Weekly podcast dubbed “Need to Know” with Jay Nordlinger.

She is also a guest on different TV and radio to discuss public affairs programs.

Ms. Choen has also served as a fellow at Hudson Institute and the Jewish Policy Center.

Ms. Joie Choen has also authored several books which are among the bestselling books on different platforms: Useful Idiots: Sex Matters, Common sense, How Liberals Got it Wrong in the Cold War which are among the best New York Sellers.

In 2018 she was invited to a Conservative Political Action Conference which saw the audience booing at her for the comments she was saying.

She also appears on John Batchelor’s radio show. Ms. Charen has won numerous awards: Eric Breindel Journalism Award,

Mona Charen Net Worth

She has a net worth of 8$ million, which came from her salary as a journalist and her cash from selling her books as an author.

Mona Charen Dating History

She dated Robert Parker, whom they later got married in a wedding ceremony.

Mona Charen Marriage Details

Charen Mona is married to her husband, Robert. P. Parker, a lawyer, based in the United States, Washington D.C

Mona Charen Parents

Her father was called George Charen and her mother, Claire Charen.

Mona Charen Kids

She has three sons together with Robert Parker.

Mona Charen Body Measurements

She has a height of 1.6 meters and weight of 58kg.

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