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Mike Brewer, born in 1964 to Roger Wilks and Doreen Fitzgerald in Lambeth, London. His father, Roger, was the owner of a famous Ford called “Pinball Wizard,” He was severely tangled in the customization of automobiles, which helped Brewer realize his desire for proceeding. The first car from Brewer had been a beige Mini 850cc.

Mike Brewer TV Career

Brewer stared in the following TV Shows:

  • Driven on Channel 4
  • Deals on Wheels
  • Pulling Power
  • Wrecks to Riches
  • Auto Trader
  • Wheeler Dealers
  • Wheeler Dealers Trading Up

All these shows subsequently aired on the Discovery Channel except for Driven and Pulling Power.

He has seemed in an episode known Revved Up in which cars are being modified, and on Sky Sports presents coverage of the British Rally Championship. He introduced a season called Remote Madness, where the public using remote-controlled mini cars, boats, aircraft, and helicopters are competing in a multi-challenge event.

In 2010, he reformed track and faced a new Frontline Battle Machines series of Discovery Channel, where he departed to Afghanistan and accompanied troops on the front line, viewing how they were using their motorized gear. His helicopter took off the enemy ground fire at one point, wounding the pilot in the skull and destructive for hydraulic line, imposing a landing.

Wheeler Dealers

Brewer was hired by the Discovery Channel in October 2003 to present its new motor show called Wheeler Dealers. The program was met with success upon its launch, and Edd China was featured as co-host and technical trainer. In 2017, China stepped down as co-host after changes in the show’s production and was substituted by Ant Anstead.

A spin-off of Wheeler Dealers called Wheeler Dealers-Trading Up was created in 2013. The episode presented Brewer traveling worldwide purchasing and exporting different cars to achieve the ultimate goal of retaining a supercar.

In January 2020 saw the Premier spin-off series Wheeler Dealers on the Discovery Channel. Mike Brewer and previous formula one mechanic Marc “Elvis” Clerical help car holders craft their annoying cars for their vision car.

Mike Brewer Business Career

Besides his TV career, Brewer is still dynamic in the automotive industry, inaugural Mike Brewer Motors in 2012. The dealership has Sheffield and Luton based facilities. Also, he has launched the UK’s only annual awards for used car dealers.

Mike Brewer Marriage Details

In 1992, Brewer married his wife, Michelle. They live in the shire of Mollington, Oxford, and have one daughter.
Brewer has several advanced licenses: a racing license, an advanced driving license, and a world speed license allowing Mike to compete at world speed events.

Mike Brewer Awards And Honors

Brewer set a new 24h Endurance Land Speed Record in a Volvo S60 T5 on October 25, 2000. In 2004 Brewer won the award for “Best in Vision Personality” from the Royal Television Society Midland Centre.

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