Model Sjana Earp Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Parents

The fairly recent adventurous yoga expert, is model Sjana Earp, a young Australian star. Young and single, she looks forward to a prominent career and future as she presently trends her presence in blogging, fashion, photojournalism and mental health contents per her website and Instagram account among others.

Sjana Earp Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Nationality, Early Life

The now 25-year-old (will turn 26 in couple of months ahead) Australian, was born in November 19th, 1994 in New South Wales with the name Sjana Elise Earp. She is of Australian nationality and white ethnicity. She had a difficult childhood as she recounted growing up amid bullying. As a teenager, she suffered from depression and attempted to commit suicide several times. She was taken to a psychiatric hospital for proper treatment. She swerved this away with a grounded discipline in ancient Hindu spirituals, which enabled her land a significant fortune for a career onset. As a school dropout who has had bouts of mental struggles and a couple of visits to the psychiatric ward, she learned how to “…find beauty in even the simple things in life… and to wholeheartedly love others”, in her own words. She owes this to yoga which became her sole passion.

Sjana Earp Parents

Her parents’ identities are not revealed. It is known that they were of great help to her during the time of her depression. She has two elder brothers: Sam Earp and Josh Earp.

Sjana Earp Body Measurements

Sjana has a fair skin, blonde hair, black eyes and a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Thanks to her constant yoga practice and good feeding, she has a slim body. Her weight and body measurement have not yet been revealed.

Sjana Earp Dating History, Marriage Details

Popular opinion relates its questions about her failed relationships to her challenging childhood. Sjana’s hourglass body figure has successfully lured many to be her followers and plunged her into an alleged relationship with boyfriend, Harry Styles. She broke up with him in 2013 and later tried to reconciled with the same in 2016, to no avail. Not very long after, a spark-of-a-lightening, three months old relationship sparked off between the Aussie and an anonymous boyfriend. This also quickly faded away. It is rumored that the young Australian model has her life popping up quarterly in a decade. As providence unfolded it, she seemingly met a man of her dreams through a mutual friend in 2015. One with whom she had been able to build a solid bond during recent years as she moved in to live with him in his six-month lease apartment.

Earp’s relationship with Louis Solywoda, an ocean photographer and a model comes after her break-up with Harry Styles but the relationship again, seemed farfetched from a complete happiness and fulfillment for the young yoga expert. It is alleged she is presently dating no one and has been criticized for her slender frame – probably resulting to self-love and her usual solo travels. She slams down critics as she “…simply blocks any user and deletes their comments if they are critical…” The determined model has defined that her personal space ought to be “…a place of love, empowerment and positivity…and not judgement and criticism” in her opinion, according to reports

Sjana Earp Net Worth

Although, most celebrities do not reveal their actual net worth, statistics online point that Earp’s worth stands between $100,000 – $1 million. Yoga has been the source of her mainstream income as she has amassed more than a million fans after posting yoga sports videos on Instagram and winning the title of brand ambassador for Alo Yoga wear.

Her personality never permits her to sign up for ads she never intends wearing herself. As of now, reports state the sensational model charges nothing less than $15 thousand per post.

Guessing the star and coconut oil lover cannot be completely blamed for her physical appearance (genetics side of it), she recently pulls up the screen to show off her very healthy refrigerator in her home in New Castle, Australia according to Daily Mail reports.

Her body size and appearance have apparently got nothing to do with her choices nor what she consumes! Till date she sticks up to a daily healthy lifestyle and willingly shares tips for a fitness routine and healthy living.

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