Sasha Foo Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Sasha Foo is an established News anchor reporter and an actress too. She is popularly known for her appearance in the movies “Most Wanted” and “Volcano” both in 1997 and she played the roles of news anchor and a reporter. She was born in 1991. Her home town is San Diego, California, USA. She was born and raised at his home town where she attained her education.

Sasha Foo Career Details

Sasha Foo has worked as a journalist and TV anchor with pension, focus and motives. She is a self-driven lady with great personality and in-depth understanding of journalism. Sasha also got a great teast in print journalism. She said she left a great job at ESPN just to work for a newspaper industry at her home town. She has been working at KUSI – TV for seventeen years just before she left the job early this year to broaden his career. She made an impressive statement as she left her job, and she told Times of San Diego. “As someone has recently told me, ‘If you want to explore new waters, you have to lose sight of the shore.’” Sasha has commented to stay in San Diego as it’s the only place where she has had a rich life at with great community contact.

Sasha Foo stared off his career in 1980s in Philadelphia as a news writer at KWY news Radio 1060 – AM. She later advanced and secured a job as an on-air TV news anchor in Tulsa, Okla. This was a major breakthrough and a drive for her rapid career development. To date she has worked in about TV stations in nine cities across USA. Namely: CNN in Atlanta, Seattle at KIRO, Boston at WBZ and WHDH, New York City at WWOR, Los Angeles at KCOP and San Francisco at KPIX and KNTV. From this, she had developed strong culture in the industry and had advanced skills in handling matters pertaining journalism. She was the networks first Asian – American news Anchor at CNN. In September 2003, she arrived at KUSI – TV where she got to share impactful and meaningful stories to the residence of San Diego. She was brought to KUSI – TV by Steve Cohen who was her colleague at KCOP and by then was KUSI news director. Early this year, after working at KUSI – TV for a great 17 years, she decided to exit the job and expand on his career. She got a decent farewell form KUSI – TV team wishing her all the best in her new venture. Through her 17 years’ experience she had develop unique story telling skills and become more enthusiastic in the field and felt need for bigger challenges in the journalism and media industry.

Sasha Foo Net Worth

With such a great and well-paying Job and within her long serving time with constantly rising salary, Sasha Foo has managed to accumulated great wealth and is being estimated to be worth 1.6 million dollars. Salary being her primary income, she has few investments and has acquired some wealth through deals from special occasions which she was awards as a skilled and experienced anchor and reporter. Sasha Foo lives a standard life and in not a lavish kind of a person. She spend her earnings in family and investments.

Sasha Foo Dating History And Marriage Details

Sasha’s love life has not been openly disclosed. Not all celebrities opens up all their day to day life activities. However much we have dug, we could not find a trace of her sharing about her love life.

Sasha Foo Social Media Presence

As a Profession, Sasha have social media platforms linked to her. She has Facebook account that goes by the name Sasha Foo KUSI and with about 2830 likes and 3265 followers. In Instagram, she runs a profile by the name Away from this she also run other platforms to keep news updated and follow-ups.

Quick Facts About Sasha Foo

Official Name- Sasha Foo
Initial name- Sasha
Age- 61 years
Profession- News Anchor and Reporter
Spouse – undisclosed
Kids- undisclosed
Birth date- 1961
Siblings – Virginia W. Foo and Barbara C. Foo
Net worth- $1.6 million
Birth of place- San Diego, USA
Height – 5’2’’ (157 cm)
Weight -53kg
Hair color – blond
Eye color – dark brown
Mothers Name – undisclosed
Father Name – undisclosed

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