Where Is Sarah Palin Now? Know Her Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Daughter Willow Palin

Politicians are usually a controversial bunch but female politicians seem to garner even more controversy than their male counterparts. Sarah Palin is a not only a politician, she’s also a reality television star, an author and the former governor of Alaska. The 56-year-old was born on February 11, 1964 as Sarah Louise Heath in Sandpoint, Idaho, U.S. but her family moved to Alaska when she was only a few months old. She’s the third out of 4 children and she has three two sisters and a brother. Palin has always had a competitive streak and it showed in the sport and pageant activities she took part in. She won the Miss Wasilla beauty pageant in 1984. She also won the title of ‘Miss Congeniality’ in the Miss Alaska pageant where she finished third. She was also on her high school girls’ basketball team.

Sarah Palin Career Details

Sarah Palin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Idaho, Moscow. After she graduated, she began her career as a sports reporter. When she got married to Todd, she helped with his family business.

Under the republican party, Palin ventured into politics in the year 1992 when she was elected to the city council of Wasilla, Alaska, where she lived. Afterwards she contested for the position of Mayor and won. She also ran for a second term and won the election. After completing the two terms as Mayor, she ran for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in 2002 and lost. Afterwards, she was offered a position in the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission which she accepted. She resigned from the position in January 2004 and put her focus into training republican women in Alaska on politics.

Palin became the governor of Alaska in 2006. Her election as Governor brought a round of firsts. She was the first female governor of Alaska. She was also the youngest governor to be elected in the history of Alaska at the age of 42. Palin was the first governor to have her
inauguration outside the capital, Juneau she chose to have the ceremony held in Fairbanks. Lastly, Sarah Palin is the first governor of Alaska to have been born after Alaska became a state. Palin’s administration focused on education, public safety and transportation.

In 2008, Palin was selected as the running mate for John McCain for the Presidential election. During their campaign, there was a lot of controversy concerning the difference in Palin’s stance on key issues while she ran for the post of governor as opposed to her stance as a vice-presidential candidate. After the Presidential elections in which Barrack Obama emerged winner, Governor Palin returned home to Alaska and subsequently she announced her resignation as the governor of Alaska. She claimed that the state and herself had spent a ridiculous amount of money on investigations into legal ethics complaints filed against her. This announcement fueled speculations that she was running for the office of President in the next election.

In 2009, Palin released her first book, a memoir titled Going Rogue: An American Life. She gave personal details about her life and about her political career. The book sold over 2 million copies. She has written other books as well. And in March 2010, Palin started a show to be aired on TLC called Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The show garnered Five million viewers tuned in for the premiere episode.

Palin continues to be in the limelight as a political analyst, commentator and a writer.

Sarah Palin Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $12 million. She’s amassed this fortune from her books and TV show appearances.

Sarah Palin Husband

In August 1988, the then Miss Heath eloped with her high school boyfriend, Todd Palin. He supported her political aspirations by taking a leave at the company where he worked to avoid a conflict of interest. He filed for a divorce in September 2019 after 31 years of marriage.

They have five children together. Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig. Her daughter Bristol got pregnant out of wedlock and this affected her public image.

Sarah Palin Parents

Sarah Palin’s father, Charles, was a science teacher and track coach. Her mother, Sally, was a school secretary.

Sarah Palin Body Measurements

Sarah Palin is 5ft5 (165). She wears size 7 shoes and size 8 dresses.

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