Who Is Morris Prigoff? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Family Details

Dr.Morris Prigoff is known as “Moe”. He has been a renowned person because he was a member of the Storage Wars Texas team. He was born in 1942.His last known location to live is Dallas Country, Texas.

Morris Prigoff Age

His age is 77 Years.

Morris Prigoff Zodiac Sign

His birth month is not mentioned so that’s why his zodiac sign is N\A.

Morris Prigoff Marriage Details

He was married twice. First he got married in 1988 to a girl whose name was Nancy M.Larson.Later they had their divorce. The man then got married in 2002 to Michela Y Sanchez. At the time of his second marriage Moe was 60 years and the lady was of 43 years.

Morris Prigoff Education Details

She was the graduate of Texas Arlington campus .She runs a business which is called Beyond Beauty Esthetics in Dallas. She is licensed as aesthetician and massage therapist in her store which is the Texas.

Morris Prigoff Parents And Siblings

No authentic record was found and seen about his siblings and parents.

Morris Prigoff Nationality

He was an American nationality.

Morris Prigoff Career Details

He was famous of the Reality TV show. Also he was a Businessman and Podiatrician.

Education of Moe:

He got his education from Syracuse University. He studied from College of Podiatric Medicine.

Morris Prigoff Net Worth

His net worth is about $4 million.

Morris Prigoff Early Life

In his old times he was basically a furniture and antique collector. His prime objective was to earn money from auctions. People physically visits the products and then decide whether to bid or not.

Morris Prigoff  Popularity

Times changes and things changes and now he is famous for a totally different reason. He is now popular because of the TV reality show. He has also a source of money and that is Storage War the Texas reality show.

Morris Prigoff Personality

People could be famous of many thins or reasons but Moe is actually famous because of his bold footwear. His dressing is very stylish .This man has a very big experience that’s why he found quality products just by seeing and judging.

Morris Prigoff Antique Shop

A place known as “River Regency Modern” which is present in Dallas located in River front. This place is considered as a Master of Arts and antique.

Morris Prigoff As A Pediatric Surgeon

It is noticed that he worked as a surgeon. Many operations of foot are conducted by him. But he is only using is knowledge within his community. He performed some surgeries at North Dallas Podiatry Centre and also in the Oak Cliff Podiatry Centre.

Morris Prigoff Children

There is no information shared anywhere about his kids.

Morris Prigoff Salary Details

He is generally known as Storage Wars Actor. He has a lot of experience. He served for more than 40 years as surgeon. He made millions of money during this era. But not only had this he also run an antique shop for about 30 years. He was very famous just because of that shop full of art. Not only this but also he worked in a reality show called Storage War Texas. It is said that he earn around $10,000 to $20,000 for every single episode he appeared. He had told even some other figures about his income. He has many talents. He is considered as very busy yet maintaining things right.

Morris Prigoff As An Author

There is also some work which he was doing and that was book writing .It is reported that he wrote books on pediatric .Even published pages on it.

Morris Prigoff Death Rumors

Many people have spread rumors about Moe’s death but they all are fake .He is well and living a healthy life.

What Happened To Morris Prigoff?

As he was famous of TV reality show. Everything was fine till season 3 .In season 3 we all noticed that there was a twist in the show. That was to remove Moe in November 2013 this decision was revised.

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