Who Is Paul Lafrance? Know His Age, Career, Social Media Presence, Father, Spouse

Paul Lafrance is a great television personality on HGTV Canada. He belongs to Ajax in Ontario, Canada. He is a successful businessman in Pickering, Ontario. Lafrance hosted many TV shows like Deck Wars, Decked Out, Home to win and custom, etc. He also appeared as a celebrity judge of Handyman Challenge season 2 in Canada. He is a custom designing expert and building several decks, patios, custom furniture, pergolas and interior spaces in Toronto.

Paul Lafrance Career Details

Lafrance is a multitasking personality. As he is a business person, he shows his knee interests in deck building, a great patron of music and television shows. He is the owner of local Pickering, Ontario building company Cutting Edge Construction and Design and he owns cum operator and CEO of Pau; Lafrance Design which specializes in high-end custom deck designs in North America. For over 15 years his company successfully designed innovative and custom deck designs and built over 1,500 decks across Ontario.

Paul Lafrance is also known for his interest and love in music and composing. He is described by HGTV as a lover of a musician and a successful and professional deck builder. Lafrance is very creative. According to this legend, to understand good music one needs feelings only ears for good music. No need to become a musician and a good backyard is not built only by assembling wooden sticks but a certain emotional response attached to it.

After a grand Success on Breakfast Television Lawrence started his TV show. And the success of The show Decked Out helped him to build a mini oasis for people in their backyard. Then he also completed a reality game show named Deck Wars where Lafrance appeared as a judge.

Lafrance proved himself a “counterculture guy”. He also proved that decks were the most peaceful places to rest in the crazy world. He worked very hard to maintain his position and was even dropped out of school. He was also forced to join trades. He is a truly dedicated and energetic person who can involve himself in multiple tasks at a time. This great musician made the Christian music scene in Ontario. In 2012, his band, Found in the Fury released songs from the Cave. Lafrance’s various works have appeared in Breakfast Television, Homeless On Home and Holmes Inspection.

Paul Lafrance Parents, Spouse And Children

Paul Lafrance was born on 17th Jan 1974 at Wimbledon in London, United Kingdom. His parents had a Canadian nationality. He always took an interest in designing. In 1996, he got married to Janna Lafrance and has an adorable child whose name is Promise Lafrance. Janna Lafrance has written the book ‘A Girl Named Grace’. But some sources say that he has four daughters. Truth is yet under the covers. He is a caring and loving father. Lafrance is also known by the name ‘Deck Guy’.

Paul Lafrance Net Worth

According to a recent report, approximately net worth Lafrance is $3 Million. But nothing to say his per episode salary.

Paul Lafrance Social Media Presence

The energetic personality is also very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As he has more than 10,338 followers on Facebook, he has more than 21.1K followers on Twitter and around 7,979 followers on Instagram.

Paul Lafrance has a dynamic and versatile personality. And luckily he gained big success in his career. He has always been loved and admired by his fans and audiences for his humorous different character. He always tries to hide his past and personal life from the media.

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