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Being born from Michel Morgan and Pamela Morgan on July 2, 1989, Alexandra Morgan Carrasco also known as Alex Morgan is a famous American footballer that is most known for leading the U.S national team that won the world cup in 2019. She regularly plays for Orlando Pride at a club level. She is known for her aggressive style of play. Morgan is usually regarded as the female football player who resembles the greatest footballer Lionel Messi in terms of her ability to dribble the ball past the opponents and rescue her team in times of great need. She also has the ability to dictate the tempo of the team and is the single most important player towards which the attacking style of football for the team which she is playing for is grounded on.

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Alex Morgan Bio: Age, Early Life

Morgan was born in San Dimas, California. Although football was not popular in America at the time, Morgan still always retained a huge interest in the game. It was at an earlier age while she was a high school student that Morgan begun to be actively engaged in all types of sports and especially in running in the field and as a footballer. But rather than pursuing a career as a runner, Morgan decided that she was going to invest all of her time in the game of football. The first club that Morgan joined was Cypress Elite and she secured a championship title with such a club at a very young age. Despite such a promising start, Morgan was not immediately able to make a huge impact on the game because of the injury that she suffered after only playing for some time.

Alex Morgan Career Details

Morgan was not able to play for the U-20 because of an injury that she suffered. After fully recovering, Morgan played for Golden Bears beginning from 2007. She found success again with such a club. Morgan was particularly known for her unique ability to score goals during her stay with such a club. The next major highlight of her career was joining the U.S national team and playing for Western New York Flash at a club level. Soon she attained highest accolades with the national team during the London Summer Olympics. Besides scoring many goals at the tournament, Morgan was also known for her leadership skills and also leading an aggressive style of play.

After such a success at the summer Olympics, Morgan goes on to win the world cup with the national team in 2015 and 2019. This was such a huge achievement that was led to her being recognized as the best striker. Because of such achievements, she also came to be regarded by many as the best American footballer. Morgan has played for many football clubs like Lyon and currently she is playing for Orlando Pride. Her time with Lyon was on loan and did not make a huge impact at her stay there compared to the other clubs which she played for in America. She studied at UCLA and is known for playing at the position of a striker.

Morgan’s huge influence in the game of football is seen in the fact that she signed advertisement deals with big companies like Coca-Cola and appeared in the FIFA video games. She also has an influential social media presence. She usually updates her followers with her daily activities and has used platforms like Facebook in order to bring awareness to the world of football as well as socially sensitive topics.

Alex Morgan Net Worth

Morgan’s net worth is rumored to be around $ 3.2 million. She has amassed such wealth from playing for football clubs, playing for the national football team and also through advertisement deals. The commentators still argue that her wealth is relatively smaller compared to the huge achievements that she has made in football. Men football players with her status like Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi earn such an amount within few months. Partly the reason for this is the low attention that is given to women football.

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