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Amin Elhassan Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Nationality, Parents, Career, Net Worth

Amin Elhassan was born on April 12, 1979, of Sudanese parents, though he has never made mention of both their names, nor posted any of their photos on the social media platform. Being an offspring from the Republic of Sudan, he lived there until the age of 3 when his parents relocated to the United States of America, specifically to New York City. It remains a secret if he has any siblings or not.

Amin Elhassan Education

After settling in New York City for 5 years, his parents moved with him back to Sudan, where he grew till the age of 14, after which they returned again to the United States, where Amin obtained his High School education. After high school, he continued his studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he got a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology. He also obtained a Degree in Business Management from W.P. Business School found at Arizona State University.

In the same University, he also obtained a Master’s in Business Administration. He is a sports analyst, and commentator collaborating with preferred sports channel, ESPN. Although Elhassan’s passion for sports is needful, he makes use of his engineering analysis as a result of solid mathematical capabilities.

About Amin Elhassan Wife

Amin Elhassan for a long time has been the center of attraction which captivated many single ladies, due to his comical systematic skills. He however leaves many with unresolved questions regarding why his love life is yet to be settled. Several fans were impatient to discover that the analyst star is in a relationship or he is dating a lady but were left idle in their expectations.
Regarding Amin’s love life, he is believed to never have been married, nor been in a relationship or affianced neither. Amin in the year 2015 of the month of February the 2nd, expressed his marital status by means of a tweet stating “happily married man”.

It also came to public notice that, that same 2015 in the month of June 30th, he declared that he had never flirted with any person of the opposite sex, which immediately revealed his uncompromising commitment to her. His tweet was revealing of a marriage life in ecstasy which they both share. They have two kids together and he has chosen to be discreet in areas pertaining to his emotional life. Since his last tweet about his wife in 2015, nothing else has been spoken about her to the public by him via any means of social media communication. Instead he seeks ways of attaining the peak of his sport journalism career.

Amin Elhassan Family Details

In 2010, Amin publicly declared that he had a son. This swept his audience off feet, as they never heard a wave of rumor concerning his marriage or any hints about him having a girlfriend. Later on, he announced he had a daughter. The heralding of this news as well came as a shock to his audience. He was 31 years old when his first child was born. His daughter is named Maya. Amin is discrete about his love life and family, and is determined for it to remain so.

Amin Elhassan Career Details

Amin Elhassan currently works as an Athletics reviewer, at the global cable and orbiter play TV channel ESPN shows. His professional career commenced with the Atlanta Hawks Basketball in the Marketing Department, after which he got admitted as an intern in the Operations Office at the New York Knicks Basketball team in 2014.

Mentioning his sports journalism skills, an outstanding output demarcated him. He published several sports articles which won the hearts of the masses. He has proven and demonstrated abilities that have been found to be extraordinary, which evidently landed Amin Elhassan working with the preferred sports channel, ESPN since 2013.

Astonishingly, Amin never envisaged going to any journalism school, neither did he attend. Instead, he possesses an engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology yet he is amongst those contemporary journalists excelling within the sport industry. Besides the NBA investigation, Amin has been seen on other prominent shows like ‘His and Hers’, ‘Sports Center’, ‘The Bound’, ‘Microphone and Mike’, ‘The Jump’, and ‘Sports Nation’ just to name a few.

Amin Elhassan Net Worth

Elhassan’s net worth is not yet known as it remains a mystery. Due to his fruitful career and current position at ESPN, it is suspected that his net worth would currently be in lump sum amounts of dollars.

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