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Dermot Mulroney Age, Net Worth, Wife Tharita Cesaroni And Biography

Dermot Mulroney best known for his comical roles in movies has been the biggest names in Hollywood for quite a period of time. He had a keen interested in becoming an actor and had a charm to act in front of the camera. He started doing films while he was still a student. And rightly so, people believed that he was destined to be on the screens as he paved his way to success by doing over 100 films and series.

Dermot Mulroney Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Early Life

Dermot Mulroney has strong American roots and currently live in Los Angeles. This deep voiced actor is also known to have great cello playing skills. He have previously worked with a number of Academy Award winning music producers. He was discovered by a talent agency during his university years. This veteran actor is now 56 year old.

What ais Dermot Mulroney’s Net Worth?

The ‘My best friend’s’ actor has a net worth of a whopping million dollars. This actor and director took his fans by storm, as everyone was taken aback from his looks and wittiness.

Dermot Mulroney’s Wife And Married Life

Being in the public eye does not spare you with your personal life. Dermot Mulroney married to Catherine keener and spent good years together. However, things did not turned out well later in life and they decided to part their ways.

He later married an Italian filmmaker and cinematographer, Tharita Cesaroni. Like many people in the industry, she started off from doing theatres. Surprisingly, not much is known about his personal life as he tend to keep it quite private from the tabloid.

Dermot Mulroney Career And Net Worth

An actor, musician, director, and a very renowned voice actor. There is nothing that this star can’t do to leave us amazed. His acting career started off from university when a talent agency spotted him. He made his television debut in the TV-series Sin of Innocence which was aired on CBS. Since then he has been unstoppable. He did over 100 movies apart from his work as a musician, director, and a voice over artist.

He did a number of blockbuster movies alongside many other popular actors like Julia Roberts. He has a total net worth of 11 million dollars.

Dermot Mulroney  Dating History

The ‘My best friend’s wedding’ actor is a happy married man. He ought to be quite about his dating life like that of his married life.

Dermot Mulroney  Parents

In 1963 Dermot Mulroney was born to Micheal and Ellen. Micheal was a law professor and Ellen was a home maker from Manchester. They had an Irish background and they made sure they pass it down to their children.

Dermot Mulroney Kids

Dermot Mulroney have three children, a son with his ex-wife and two daughters with Tharita. The Hollywood heartthrob like many other celebrity parents does not get a lot of time with his children. However, he claims that whatever time he gets, he tend to make it the best time with his children as possible. He reportedly have a soft side for his elder son from the first wife.

Dermot Mulroney Body Measurements

Hollywood actors have to maintain their health and look presentable at all times. Dermot Mulroney is no different. This 56 year old veteran star is 1.77 m tall and weigh around 76 Kg.

Dermot Mulroney  Cars And House

Celebrities have a thing for owning a big mansion and have a lavish lifestyle. This veteran star is no different. He have been recently found to be looking for a new real estate opportunity in New York. His Spanish style bungalows have French accents.

His current house is worth a total of 2.2 million dollars. His house is very spacious and comfortable for his wife and all of his three children.

In high school Dermot drove his father’s Volkswagen. However, not much is known about his current car collection owned by him and his wife.

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