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Antique Roadshow Marjorie “Margie” Cooper Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Antique Roadshow star Marjorie “Margie” Cooper was born in Lancashire, which is located in Northwest England.

Margie Cooper Bio: Age, Nationality, Early Life

It is believed that she was born in either the 1930 or the 1940s, so her age is a guestimate, but is believed to be in either early or mid-70s. Her nationality is white and British.

However, according to usanewscourt.com, her astrological sign is Taurus, which means her birthday month is either March or April. She is a television personality and an antique expert. She is a popular and well-known person in both England and in the United States.

Margie Cooper Marriage Details

She married her longtime boyfriend, Mick, some time ago. They have two sons together, and one is named Corrie Cooper. He is a Captain, and both of her sons are married.

Information is not available as to the name of her other son. As a child, she went to Queen Mary school, before going onto Lytham St. Anne’s. In high school, she became a high fashion model for awhile, and and grew up with her grandma, who was an antique expert.

Their relationship was responsible for Margie becoming interested in antiques. She began venturing into antiques when she was in high school, when it became a real passion for her. Margie did attend college, and it is known currently known which college that was.

Margie Cooper Education Details

She was a student of journalism, and planned to have a career in writing and do columnist work. However, she could not keep herself away from the passion she developed early on in life: antiques.

Margie Cooper Career Details

She has written for many of the local magazines where she resides, and also for the BBC’s Home and Antiques Magazine. In the 1980s, she opened her own antique business, where she continued to hone her skills in the antiquing profession.

She has also contributed to many magazines about antiques. It was in 1985 that Margie joined the cast of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. The program has been known in the United States for quite some time now, and has a large fan following. Margie being cast on Antique Roadshow is considered to be her ultimate break into the acting industry.

Margie continues to be on the program to this day. Antique Roadshow has somewhat of a spinoff named Antique Road Trip, which Margie also appears on, as well as Celebrity Road Trip. The program is in its ninth season right now, and Margie has appeared in all of the seasons. The program is mainly about two antique experts at a time who compete against each other to see who could earn the highest amount of money at auctions. They are each given a budget to purchase antiques and collectibles, and those are then sold at auction. The program follows each pair over the course of five days. The money raised at all of the auctions are donated to various charities. Some other appearances of Margie’s also include a Lunchtime Live program for Granada Television, and a Home and Garden program on Granada Breeze. She has also appeared as a panel expert on the BBC’s Going for a Song program.

Where Is Margie Cooper Now?

Margie lives with her family in Cheshire, England. Not much is known about Margie, since, unlike most famous people, she prefers to keep her personal life private. We know that she had a grandmother growing up, but nothing is known about her parents, or if she has any brothers or sisters. In addition to her appearances on television, and her writing endeavors, Margie is also a public speaker and philanthropist, but again, since she does not allow too much information to be known about her, it is not clear what specifically she is involved in.

Margie Cooper House, Cars

Therefore, there is not any information on homes or cars that Margie owns, or what type of home she would own.

Margie Cooper Body Measurements

Her body measurements, such as height and weight are not known as well. She is not a part of any social media websites, but she is on Instagram, in which she sometimes posts pictures about the life she shares with her close-knit family.

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