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Blake McIver Ewing Age, Career, Education, Dating, Gay Partner, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Blake Iver is a well-known singer-songwriter, pianist, model, and an actor who is an American, well known for his role as Derek on the sitcom “Full House.” Blake has played the part of Waldo in ‘Little Rascals.’ This show featured in 1994. He was also the voice behind Eugene in the fifth season of the famous show Hey Arnold.

Blake McIver Ewing Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Blakes date of birth is March 27th, 1985. His birthplace is California, Los Angeles. His parents Bill Ewing and Susan McIver were both famous and very successful artists of the ’70s and ’80s.

Blake McIver Ewing Career Details

Blake McIver Ewings’s debut film was California Girl in 1993 in which he played the role of a six-year-old, although, in real life, he was eight years old at that time. After being a great actor, Blake is a singer-songwriter. He has co-written a song for the movie “End Of Spear,” the song was called “Along The River,” this was from his own experiences as a gay teenager.

Is Blake McIver Ewing Gay?

McIver Ewing shared that he was about to commit suicide at the age of 14, but his music saved him. Blake also mentioned that he struggled with body dysmorphia and ate very little when he was attending school. He thought that it was incredibly empowering when he knew how to handle his body and do whatever he wanted to with it, which is something he did not realize early on in his life.

As far as we know, Blake McIver Ewing has been dating women for all his life, but none of these relationships could be called successful. After all breakups, people started wondering whether Black is gay.

Blake hid his gay identity from the world. Admittedly, but Go-Go dancing at gay clubs eventually gave him enough courage to come out in 2010. He has also worked as a go-go dancer in Los Angeles. Ewing got nominated for an Ovation Award for his role as “The Little Boy” in the Los Angeles production of Ragtime.

Is Blake McIver Ewing Dating Anyone?

Nowadays, we can confidently say that Blake McIver Ewing has made his identity of being gay public and has a relationship with Emerson Collins, who is an actor and a producer. He uploaded a picture with the producer on social media websites with a heart emoticon. The duo knew each other for five years before taking their relationship forward. They both also share an intense bond. Emerson Collins industry credits include appearances on” FOX’s Rent” and” BRAVO’s The People Couch.” The 2019 film,” A Star Is Born,” is his outstanding work as a producer. It’s been almost five years Blake and Emerson are together, and their relationship seems to be healthy. They are proud of their lifestyle and don’t mind flirting with each other on social media. Blake has never committed before, and he has no children.

There was also a rumor that Blake dated Brittany Ashton Holmes, but neither of them approved this fact.

Blake McIver Ewing Net Worth

Blake is a very known and famous actor known of Hollywood specifically for his role in “Full House.” Today Blake has an estimated net worth of around $300k. Reportedly he earns 95,000 dollars a year. The source of his income source is mostly from being a successful TV Actor. His 1984 film,” The Little Rascals, had an International Box Office‎ Collection of ‎$15,183,000, Domestic Box Office‎ Collection of ‎$51,764,950, and Worldwide Box Office‎ Collection of ‎$66,947,950.

Blake McIver Ewing Bad Joke On Twitter

After Blake made a joke on AIDS, he deleted all of his social media accounts. McIver posted a tweet on twitter remarking AIDS, which said, “So is Pose just Glee with a viral load now?” However, it was not taken well by a lot of people, and one person Mark S. King also reacted to this tweet in which he expressed his dislike to McIver tweet.

A group called ACT UP, which speaks for the right of people with this disease, said that this tweet of McIver was straight-up “cheap,” and he can “go to hell” for using people who have this disease as his punchline.

While we are assuming that was just a bad joke, Twitter was not laughing, with users swiftly telling Ewing to take down the tweet, which he did. He has effectively scrubbed the internet of his entire social media presence.

Blake McIver Ewing Body Measurements

Blake McIver Ewing biceps, chest, and waist sizes are as follows 16,40 and 33, and his shoe size is 10(US). He weighs 68 kgs with 5 feet 7 inches height. Blake has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

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