David Freiburger Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Nationality, Ethnicity

If you have a “thing” for auto repairs and modification, then there’s a legend you must know about. This person is a producer; a writer, an editor; and a TV personality. Yes. He is popularly known for programs like the Hot Rod Garage in 2014; Engine Masters in 2015; and Pit Up or Shut Up in 2017.

This personality is no other person than David Freiburger. David has served as an editor for different programs in the past, including 4-Wheels & Off-Road, Rod & Custom and Car Craft Motor programs.

David Freiburger Ethnicity, Family History

David Freiburger is white by race and an American by ethnicity. There is no much information available about his parents and siblings. Some of the few things known about his father is that his name is Jim Freiburger and he has been a great source of inspiration for his son, David Freiburger.

David Freiburger Body Measurements

There is no information about Freiburger’s height, weight available.

David Freiburger Bio: Age, Education, Early Life

There are only a few details known about David – he appears to be a very private and silent person. He was born on the 21st of August, 1946 in America, even his birth place is not known. He’s about 74 years old now. There’s also no information about Freiburger’s educational history, so we cannot conclusively talk about his educational background. Nonetheless, an expression he once made showed he attended a high school at least.

David Freiburger Source Of Inspiration

You might wonder, what or who inspired David to follow the path of his chosen career? Well, if Freiburger have been silent over other subjects, he was definitely not silent about the source of his inspiration. His father, Jim Freiburger did!

David mentioned that his dad introduced him to cars and entertainment at quite a very early age. And one of the incidents that groomed Freiburger’s life was the opportunity he had to work on the rod bearings on the flatheads with hos father. David practically followed the footsteps of his father – it can be said abouy him that he “did just so!”

David Freiburger Career Details

After David finished from high school, the first job he landed was at a dodge dealer parts counter. He later secured another job at an aftermarket firm, before landing an editorial position with the Hot Red team at the Petersen Publishing.

Freiburger likewise handled editorial tasks for other shows and has kept his positions as radio host, TV host and chief editor at Hot Rod for a good number of years. David Freiburger is also a member of the Bonneville 200 Mph club. In 2018,he co-hosted an automobile adventure show, titled Roadkill with Mike Finnegan.

David Freiburger Other Sources Of Income

Apart from his writing and editorial jobs, does Freiburger have other sources of income? The answer is yes. David has a YouTube Channel called, David Freiburger. And since he’s a huge fan of automobile, he has many useful information on that channel, including modification designs and speed tests for vehicles. He started the channel in 2010 and the channel now has over 35,629 subscribers. 5he YouTube channel seems to be bringing Freiburger some decent amount of income.

David Freiburger Married Life

As mentioned earlier, David is a private man and does not talk much about his family. On one occasion, however, he mentioned that he has dropped his family off at the airport to carry out house repairs for about 8 days. Also, he talked about his wife in a Facebook post sometimes in March of 2011. This shows that David Freiburger is a family man evwn if the name of his wife and children are not known.

David Freiburger Social Media Presence

Although an old man, David’s social media activeness can be felt. He has over 279,000 followers on his official account on Facebook; over 35,000 followers on his Twitter account; and around 413,000 followers on Instagram.

David Freiburger Cars, Salary And Net Worth

David Freiburger has owned many cars in the past – over 100 of them and still has some at the moment. However his Bomb Camaro appears to be one of his favorite rides.

According to Paysa, an editorial staff for Hot Rod receives an average salary of $81,456 annually. Also, his YouTube Channel with more than 35,000 subscribers brings him some money. So, Freiburger’s salary is estimated to be $81,456 yearly and his net worth was calculated to be $800,000 in 2019.

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