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Killing Fields Aubrey St. Angelo Bio, Marriage, Wife, Divorce, Net Worth

Aubrey St. Angelo is one of the real-time detectives cast on the crime tv show “Killing Fields”. Despite being a cast member, he is a real-life detective who started his career at a very young age. He is very good at his job and this rose him from a simple policeman to the ranks of a detective.

Being popular for his role in “Killing Fields”, one may think that finding his personal information is easy. BUT most detectives are discrete. They do not share personal information easily due to security purposes. In the wrong hands, such information can do more harm than good therefore it must be hidden. Aubrey St. Angelo is no exception.
You may spend hours looking for his information on social media and the internet but I guess you won’t find much.

This article compiles all the available information about the tv detective from the internet. It’s a summary of what you’ll find.

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Aubrey St. Angelo Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Aubrey St. Angelo was born on July 8th, 1978. He was born in Plaquemine, USA. Today he is 41 years old (almost 42). As mentioned earlier, not all is known about the detective. His parents are unknown. Their whereabouts remain unknown. However, his dad is said to have worked with detective Rodie Sanchez before he retired. It is unclear whether Aubrey has siblings or not.

Aubrey St. Angelo Education Details

His educational background is also unknown.

Aubrey St. Angelo Career Details

Aubrey St. Angelo began his career at a very young age. At the age of 18, he got into the police force and became an ordinary police officer. Within no time, Aubrey made his way up the ranks and into the detective state. He could now investigate major cases involving homicides and burglary.

Aubrey also stars on the crime tv series: Killing Fields. He takes the role of the lead investigator solving homicide cases alongside the once retired Rodie Sanches and other detectives. The series was created by Barry Levinson. It was the Discovery channel’s first true-crime series in aired in 2016. Killing Fields captured true events and real-time actions taken by several investigators to solve a murder case in Louisiana. The murder of LSU student Eugenie Boisfontaine. The case was reopened since it happened in 1997 and detective Rodie had to be called from retirement to help solve it.

Aubrey considers himself good at his job. He never hesitates to ask tough questions during interrogations. He also doesn’t talk much until the case is solved.

Is Aubrey St. Angelo Married?

Most people have been asking this question to find out if the detective is married, divorced, or dating. Aubrey St. Angelo has done a great job of keeping his details hidden from the public eye. There is not much information on this topic. However, Aubrey is believed to have been married to Rachelle Dupont. There are no pictures of the married couple on the internet or social media available to the public. It is unknown whether they have children or not.

As a detective and an officer of the law, Aubrey is often forced to dedicate more time to serving his country. He is torn between his job and his family, a challenge he has learned to cope up with. However, he tries his best to do both and be there for his family.

Aubrey St. Angelo Net Worth

It is difficult to calculate a detective’s net worth- because little info is available. Aubrey St. Angelo’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000. His job as a detective and his role as a lead detective in Killing Fields has played a big part in increasing his net worth. Since he started his job at 18, Aubrey has gained an increase in net worth from his salary. He has a lot of experience gained from his years of experience in service.

Detectives rarely share information freely with the media. We would expect that being on tv might change that but it doesn’t. Personal information can be sensitive and sharing it might endanger the lives of others, especially their beloved ones. Therefore, only a little information can be available to the public.

Aubrey loves bows and arrows. Today, he’s a very skilled as a hunter and a shooter. He grew up in an area where hunting was common and one had to know how to use them.

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