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Nothing is known about when Kimberly Sustad is born and who her parents are. And also little is known about her family life and also the major events in her life. It is still known that she is an actress with a significant role both in the world of theater as well as the film industry. She has starred in a number of stage productions as well as commercially successful films that were also applauded by the critics alike.

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Kimberly Sustad Career Details

Kimberley Sustad is a famous actor from Ottawa, Canada who is known for playing a wide range of roles. She is an actor known for her range and her exceptional ability to embody whatever character she plays on the big screen. As a famous actress she always had a huge interest in aesthetics. She was not interested in the process of acting but also the creative process that makes such an undertaking possible in the first place. An actress who has a great grasp of the nature of acting, Sustad is someone who studied acting in Trinity Western University. While studying such an art form, those who were closer to her remarked that she would have made an excellent teacher of theater and acting because of her inquisitive nature and detailed analysis of the art form.

Even before joining the university and studying the art form, Sustad was already beginning to display her exceptional abilities. This was seen in the numerous projects that she participated on in high school. Starting from high school, she always participated in plays and stages and later on even started studying theater out of a huge interest she has in the art form. Sustad is one of those fewer artists who have a huge talent in the world of movies as well as theatres. Before making it on the big screen, Sustad was involved in small roles and theater productions. Here she was able to showcase her talents and harness support from the art critics.

After entering into the world of film making, rather than starring in the big screen, Sustad started making smaller appearances in television series and soap operas. Among other things she had a permanent role in Primeval: New World. This was a film in which she excelled at. As noted by the critics, she displayed her ability to play characters that are unique and are complex enough with different layers of personality in such a work. She is one of the few artists in the entertainment business that could equally play contemporary as well as historical characters.

She also appeared on other shows like Spoksville and appeared on series like the Romeo Section. In these two series the critics appreciated her ability to play thriller and horror characters as well as display complex emotions in romantic films. Besides such roles in TV series, Sustad also worked in films like Walking the Dog, Cooking with Love and Traveler. She attained the highest popularity in a Bride for a Christmas.

Kimberly Sustad Personal Life, Marriage Details

When we come to her personal life, Sustad like most celebrities in Hollywood wants to keep her family life a personal affair. Of the little evidence that is known about her, it is said that she is married to Scott Sustad and that she has three kids with him.

Kimberly Sustad Net Worth

When we come to her lifestyle, she has so far managed to accumulate a net worth of $ 500 thousand. The bulk of such an amount primarily comes from starring in movies and television series. The remaining income also comes from her works in theater productions.

Nothing is known about how Sustad spends her money. Choosing to keep her private life as a secluded affair, Sustad did not reveal the family life that she leads as well as her interaction with her parents and also those that are closer to her. It is only known that she is married and has three children.

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