Marguerite Whitley Bio, Age, Career, Nationality, Ethnicity, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Marguerite Whitley was born in an Afro-American family on 20 March 1949. She led a very non profile life up till now. Marguerite married with the famous footballer of her time O.J Simpson on 24 June 1967 in Los Angeles after remaining engaged for three months. The couple had three children and finally divorced in October 1979. Their marriage lasted for 12 years. After earning some money in the law suit against her husband, Miss Whitley lived with his children. She married thrice in her life. Her zodiac sign was Virgo.

Marguerite Whitley Career Details

Marguerite attended University of Southern California where her first husband O.J Simpson also got educated. She also took over the family business. She also worked at Walmart store as a saleswoman.

Marguerite Whitley Net Worth

Marguerite Whitley is predicted to have more than 250,000$ net worth. She gained a reasonable amount of 26,000$ from her first husband and 1500$ per month for her children in winning a law suit against O.J Simpson in 1981. Marguerite is living in LA and earning 20,000$ per month from the business she ran which she inherited from her family.

Marguerite Whitley Dating History

At the University of Southern California, Marguerite was dating with Cowling who was a fast friend to her first husband O.J Simpson. Once Cowling asked Simpson to drive her home and on the way they talked and got interested with each other.

Marguerite Whitley Boyfriend

As told earlier, Cowling was her first boyfriend before her first marriage. After the divorce in 1978, Marguerite found her new boy friend Rudolph Lewis who supposed to be a supervisor in a transit company.

Marguerite Whitley Husband

Marguerite married thrice in her life. Her first marriage occurred with O.J Simpson on 4 June 1967 and she took the divorced after 12 years of her marriage. She again remarried with her boyfriend Rudolph Lewis on July 9 1986 which was also ended at divorce on 3 April 1991. After that, she married with Anthony Thomas on the same date of April 3 when she was divorced from Lewis. She married on 3 April 1992. Whether it was a coincident or a teaser to Lewis, still unknown. He dealt in furniture business.

Marguerite Whitley Parents

Not much is known about Marguerite family background. Little is known about her parents that they were Afro-American by ethnicity and lived in Los Angeles.

Marguerite Whitley Kids

Arnelle, Jason and Aaren were her three kids which were born in her first marriage with O.J Simpson. Arnelle was the first born daughter whose birth took place on 4 December 1968. Jason, a son, was born on 21 April 1970. Aaren was the last daughter and she was born on 24 September 1977 but before reaching her second birthday, she was happened to be drown in the swimming pool.

Marguerite Whitley Body Measurements

Her color was dark brown. She was 5’ 5” tall weighing 59 Kg or 130 Ibs. Her hair was black and curly.

More About Marguerite Whitley

  • A low profile life

Marguerite Whitley passed a very low profile life. Whitley got married to famous footballer of his time O.J Simpson on 24 June 1967. Whitley marriage lasted for twelve years. She gave birth to three children. Later she was divorced by O.J Simpson and she got a reasonable amount after suiting him in the court and getting 26,000$. Whitley husband was the celebrity of his time. Simpson once said that his popularity caused him divorced because they were losing their social life. After her divorce, she married twice.

  • Her alienation from the world of media

Marguerite Whitley belonged to Afro American family. Whitley was born on 20 March 1949. Her Zodiac sign was Virgo. Whitley was educated at University of Southern California where Simpson was Whitley Batch mate. Little is known about Whitley family and siblings because Whitley kept her social life private and secret from the media. Whitley never appeared before any TV and Whitley never gave any interview. When her former husband Simpson was accused of murdering his second wife Nicole Brown, she appeared in court regularly with her children. However, Simpson was jailed for 33 years after proving all the allegation leveled against him.

  • Some interesting facts about her life

An interesting episode occurred in Whitley’s life when her boyfriend Cowling asked his friend O.J Simpson to drive Whitley home. There Whitley got interested in Simpson and in no time they were engaged. After the three months of Ring Ceremony, they happily married and lived together for 12 years. They spent most of their time in New York when Simpson was playing Football for the league. Simpson was in limelight but Whitley decided to live in private. This public private confusion was one of the reasons of their separation.

  • Confession of O.J Simpson

Simpson once told to the reporter of Walters in 1995. Simpson also confessed his immature mind because they were too young at the time of marriage. They had plenty of money and never knew how to invest. They just spent the money extravagantly. Their children were also growing in age. They were living in New York and Simpson was playing USC.

  • Something about her children

She gave birth to three children. Arnnele was whitely first daughter who was born on 4 December 1968, a year after Whitley’s marriage. Jason was born on 21 April 1970. Jason was Whitley only son. Her second daughter Aaren was born seven years after Jason on 24 September 1977 but she was drown in a swimming pool before reaching her second birthday. It was the greatest loss for Whitley.

  • Marguerite Whitley Net Worth

Marguerite Whitley won a law suit against O.J Simpson. Court made Simpson pay a heavy amount at that time, that was 26,000$ along with 1500$ per month for children. Whitley inherited some fortune from her family.
She is now 70 years of age living in LA, Callifornia with 20,000$ monthly income. Total fortune of Whitley is amounted to 250,000$.

  • Marguerite Whitley Optimistic character

Marguerite Whitley remained strong and resonant in her life. Whitley never gave up. She married with Rudolph Lewis 9 July 1986. Lewis worked as a supervisor in the transit company. But this marriage was also ended on fiasco. The couple which were not lived happily but was happily divorced on 3 April 1991. After this mishap, she married again on the same date of 3 April 1992 with Anthony Thomas who was a furniture dealer.

  • Peep into Whitley’s private life

Marguerite Whitley lived a memorable but private life. Whitley held a strong character. She was not seen after 2008. Little is known about her house or anything connected to her now. Whitley is not using social media account like Facebook or twitter. Whitley is not interested in representing herself before the people.

  • Marguerite Whitley faithfulness with her ex husband

Whitley never believed that her ex husband could commit a murder and domestic violence. She negated any violence against her and Whitley even stated that she was guilty of violence not her former husband. However, it wasn’t true because there were many phone calls to the police station of domestic violence made by Whitley herself. One of the police officer Jim King,retired from LAPD, told the Inside Journal that Marguerite Whitley once told the police about Simpson committing abuse against her.

He said on the extent that Marguerite was beaten and abused and even kicked by Simpson. But later on in 1995, Margueriti told Barbara Walters that no such event ever took place and she added with conviction that she would have fried Simpson head if he ever did that thing to her.

Whitley said many a times that she no longer had any interest in former Football icon. However, her daughter Arnnele cared a lot Simpson. That was one of the reason of her regular visit to court during the trial.


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