Meet Chef Antonia Lofaso. Know His Age, Career, Daughter Xea Myers, Wife, Net Worth

Chef Antonia Lofaso is a popular celebrity chef who has been featured in popular shows like Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Chopped, Restaurant Startup, and others. She is known for her famous restaurants in Los Angeles, mainly Black Market Liquor Bar, DAMA, and Scopa Italian Roots.

Chef Antonia Lofaso Bio: Age, Early Life, Ethnicity, Parents

Antonia is currently 43 years old, as she was born on November 23, 1976. Her parents raised her in New York, and they belong from a mixed ethnicity. Antonia got her culinary degree from the French Culinary Institute, New York. She has a daughter, Xea Myers, with Heavy D, a Jamaican rapper who passed away in 2011. Game of Thrones is her favourite show, and pizza is her guilty pleasure. Even after being a busy woman, she also likes to help our people. Antonia loves to follow a healthier lifestyle, so fitness is a priority for her.

Chef Antonia Lofaso Career Details

After her graduation, she got the opportunity to work at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, which has provided her with the needed experience. Participating in Top Chef has been the turning point in her life. She took the fourth position of the Top Chef: Chicago held in 2008. In her participation on the Top Chef: All-Stars in 2010, she took the third place. In 2014, she participated in Top Chef Duels, as well as in Beat the Chefs in 2012. In 2013, she was the judge in Cutthroat Kitchen. You might have seen Antonia in the special episode ‘Judging Judges’ of Cutthroat kitchen, where she competed against other regular judges of the show. This time also provided her with the opportunity to open up restaurants. She also appeared in Guy’s Grocery Games in 2019.

Antonia has also published her books, The Busy Mom’s Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Quick, Delicious, and Home-Cooked Meals, which are informative and helpful. She is a busy entrepreneur who is following her dreams. Antonia also makes appearances in Restaurant Startup as an advisor. She also makes guest appearances in famous T.V. shows related to the world of food.

Antonia has a great website, and she does provide catering services in California. Along with that, she has launched an innovative apparel collection for chefs who are much more comfortable.

Chef Antonia Lofaso Net Worth

The net worth of Antonia will be around $1, which she has acquired from featuring as a celebrity chef in several shows, as well as through her restaurants.

Chef Antonia Lofaso Husband

Antonia was married to the renowned rapper, Heavy D, who died on November 8, 2011, following a pulmonary embolism. It was a sad moment for her as she was left with their daughter Xea. Antonia has done a great job of single-handedly raising their daughter. There is no information about any newer relationships involving Antonia.

Antonia loves to know her audience, and she thinks that without their solidarity, her work is incomplete. Her books dive into the subject of making things easier for people. Her care for the traditional values, along with her unique techniques, makes her dishes one of a kind.

Chef Antonia Lofaso Parents

Antonia belongs from a family where her dad is Sicilian, whereas her mother is half-Jewish and half-Italian. She grew up with her brother. This heritage of mixed ethnicity provided her with the opportunity to taste new dishes. Antonia was especially keen for Thanksgiving dinners. Her love for food turned out to be a passion that she will follow throughout her life. She also loves to spend time with her family and remains close to them. Her heritage and upbringing in the suburbs of Long Island also exposed her to the local traditional cuisines.

Chef Antonia Lofaso Kids

Heavy D and Antonia had their lovechild Xea Myers in 2000. She was 11 years old when her dad passed away, but Antonia gave her a beautiful life. At 19, she is a smart, independent lady, just like her mother. They share a beautiful bond, and she is already off to college. It is commendable for a busy person like her to provide the maximum amount of time to their daughter. Antonia believes that relaxing with her daughter is one of the best things to do. Her bond with Xea has often reflected in her works, such as her books as well as magazine and newspaper articles.

Chef Antonia Lofaso Body Measurements

Not much is known about the body measurements of Antonia. We do know that she has brown hair, brown eyes, and she is 5 ft 10 in tall.

Chef Antonia Lofaso Cars And House

There is no information about the cars and houses owned by Antonia. But, she currently lives in Venice, California.

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