Meet Gold Rush Cast Jim Thurber. Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife

Today we are talking about one of the essential crew members of the show -gold rush aired on Discovery Channel. Jim Thurber is a member of the Hoffman Crew. He is the man who is known to be wearing a heart on his sleeves. Yes! We are talking about Jim Thurber. Get to know Jim Thurber Net Worth and Meet his wife Cynthia Slauson. how much are Jim Thurber salary and net worth? To find out more on that, keep on scrolling down.

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Gold Rush Jim Thurber Net Worth

Jim Thurber has an estimated net worth of $350 thousand. He owns his net worth mostly from gold mining as well as from the television series. he annually brings $120,000 home.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber Married Life And Wife

Jim married on 19th of April, 1991 to his high school girlfriend. His wife’s name is Cynthia Slauson and they have two children. They are Nathan and Breanna. Jim Thurber and wife Cynthia Slauson dated each other for quite a long time before Jim proposed her for marriage. Jim is very fond of his family and leaves no chance of compromising with their happiness. His son is now a graduate in Business Informative System (BIS) while his daughter is associated with medical assisting.

Jim Thurber Career Details

Jim Thurber is a loyal, hard-working and dependable guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s known Todd for more than 15 years, and has been through thick and thin with him. Eight years ago Thurber lost his job as a sheet metal worker and was about to have his home repossessed when he joined the Hoffman crew mining for gold in Alaska.

Thurber was a successful motocross racer in the 70s and early 80s, racing 125 and 250 class and gaining local sponsorship. He still enjoys the sport today and is teaching his daughter how to ride. When he’s not mining Jim volunteers with a Veteran’s organization called Home with Heroes which gives Veterans the opportunity to hunt and fish. Jim says it is very humbling and rewarding

Jim Thurber is a volunteer at a veteran’s organization ‘Home with Heroes’ which gives hunting and fishing opportunities to veterans. He enjoys being a part of the organization. He has featured in porno films Rockwell” and “Dick damage” which he acts when he is away from the gold rush cast.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber is also known by the name, moustache man because of his signature moustache. He is an American television actor who is famous for his appearance in the highly-rated tv series -gold rush. He is very fond of motocross racing which he used to do in his early youth years.

And now he teaches the same to his daughter, Breanna. He never competed for the race as he used to do motocross just for his passion. Even grizzly bears are found at some of the mining site areas but Jim always makes sure to rescue the workers who are prone to the danger zone. The reason behind Jim’s leaving of metal sheet work was that he wanted a secured job.
Gold Rush Jim Thurber had almost lost his house on mortgage and was on the verge of getting thrown out. But after joining Hoffman crew, his life slowly became stable. He was financially unsafe in season 1.

Jim also serves as a safety officer in camp and make sure that his people are safe. Before joining Hoffman’s crew, Jim used to be a fisherman and gave his entire 30years for the same.

He also used to work for metal sheet. The thought of joining Hoffman’s crew occurred to him when he was in search of greener pasture. Jim has also been featured in porno films, “Rockwell” and “Dick Damage”.

Jim Thurber from Gold Rush also acts as a volunteer in one of the veteran organization named ‘Home with Heroes’. In the beginning, Jim had no idea of gold mining but because of his ability to be a fast learner, he slowly and steadily succeeded in thriving a master in mining staff. Although mining is a tricky organization, Jim’s struggle, potential and calibre led him to reach the stars.

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