Scott Clifton And Wife Nichole Sampson Are Happily Married. Do They Have A Kid?

Scott Clifton is an actor who is known in the world of soap opera. He is mostly known for his classic performance in the Bold and the Beautiful. He was born in 1984, October 31 in California, USA. He is mostly known for his role as Liam Spencer on the critically acclaimed the Bold and the Beautiful. What the critics absolutely loved about his performance in this series is the fact that he was able to display conflicting emotions. As an actor who played Liam Spencer in this longest running series, Clifton always managed to deliver a top class performance.

He has been nominated for Daytime Emmy awards and managed to win consecutive awards as young actor who is on the rise. He was praised for his versatility and also ability to play his character to perfection. Clifton is an influential figure also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and has been known to express his opinions on some of the most controversial issues of the day. Although he has made appearances on other movies, he is mostly known for playing Liam Spencer on the Bold and the Beautiful for more than ten years. He played the character of Dillon Quartermaine in the other popular series General Hospital. In his performance in such series, he displayed that he was able to play a range of characters. He also starred in One Life to Live although he is mostly admired for his part in the Bold and the Beautiful.

Scott Clifton Early Life And Career Details

While he was a student at Beverly Hills High School, Clifton was already beginning to involve himself in school performances and dramas. His friends would later on claim that he already had the star power and quality even at such an initial stage.
All the hard work that he has put up throughout the years paid off and as a result of this, Clifton has a net worth of 4 million dollars. He is family man who has not been involved in sexual scandals. He met his wife at class. This turned into romance and now he is happily married to her.

Besides the influential character that he played in the Bold and the Beautiful, Clifton is known for his huge presence on YouTube and also artistic involvement in the world of music. He has thousands of subscribers on YouTube and regularly posts updates and easily interacts with his audience. He has also embarked on a musical career although it is not as successful as his involvement in the world of films. He has also had influential role in TV series like General Hospital. Clifton particularly excels at the drama genre.

Before appearing on the big screen, Clifton has already amassed a critical acclaim as he gradually developed his artistic talent starting from the time he was a high school student. As a student he engaged in different types of artistic activities like acting, music and demonstrating his skills in front of a live audience. Clifton always had an assertive personality and was eager to showcase his skills. He used to star in advertisements and even had smaller cameos in films before making it big time.

Scott Clifton Religion

Clifton is someone who openly declared himself as an atheist. Despite this fact he is respectful of the religious views of others and did not try to ridicule the religious worldview.

Scott Clifton Marriage Details

He met his wife Nichole Sampson at class and he now has a son with her called Ford Robert Clifton. They are happily married and still going strong. Not much is known about where they live except that they live in Los Angeles. There is not also available evidence on the kind of car that this Hollywood superstar drives. Nothing is also known about who his parents are and also his closer relatives.

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