Sophia Choi Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Sophia Choi is a renowned American broadcaster, reporter, anchor, journalist. She was born on 5th March 1971 in South Korea. She later shifted to the United States at a very younger age. She joined Hollywood Elementary School, which is based in Maryland. She then joined Baptist High School at the age of 12 after her dad’s death, which forced her to change school and move to another school. After high school, she proceeded to the University of Missouri, Columbia, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Degree in Journalism. Despite being a journalist, she has a love for pets, animals and cooking.

Sophia Choi Career Details

While at school, she began her career stints at her University-based TV station (KOMU-TV). She also doubled as a presenter at University Radio Station (KBIA).

Sophia Choi started her career on high notch when she joined WSET-TV, an ABC affiliated station based in Lynchburg, Virginia.

She later left WSET-TV and joined WVTM-TV based in Birmingham, where she worked as a reporter and an anchor.

She later moved to KCBS-TV, where she also worked as a reporter and an anchor and received promotions to weekday morning anchor.

In 2001 he joined CNN, where he covered a lot of stories on CNN Headlines news. She also included broadcast for CNN and CNN International. While at CNN, she covered a lot of stories. She covered the Katrina hurricane’s story in New Orleans, its fatalities, and its impacts on the gulf coast. She also covered the story of Wilma hurricane in Florida, which affected around 70,000 people. He was among the team that brought more stories about the storm to CNN and its effects. She also brought the story behind the wars of Iraq and Afhaghastani, which affected many people, leading to deaths and destruction of life.
In 2006 she left CNN and traveled to a tour in China, mainly on his ability to speak in collaboration with her former University (University of Missouri).

In 2007 she joined KVBC-TV, which was an NBC affiliate tv station. While at KVBC-TV, she was a co-anchor for the First News 3 at Four and News 3 at six with Kendall Tenney up to 2009. In 2010, she began anchoring the First News Three at Four with Jeff Gillian and News 3 at Six with Jim Synder as co-anchor. She also had a show dubbed Crime Tracker three franchise where he brought in daily crime behaviors from Las Vegas. After she had few months remaining on her contract and was told it wouldn’t be renewed, she left the TV.

She left KVBC-TV in 2010 and joined WSB-TV based in Georgia in 2011, where she anchors typically on Saturday and Sunday, and he reports during the week.

Sophia Choi was nominated in different awards: Emmy Awards for the report “Dirty Downloading,” which talked about child trafficking and National Association Press Award. She was named the most poised news anchor. She also received two electronic media awards while at WSB-TV.

Sophia Choi also appeared in different movies as a newscaster. She appeared in Primary Colors, The Torturer, among others.

Sophia Choi Net Worth

She is believed to have an estimated value of $90 million, which comes from her salaries as a journalist. Her wages range from $78,000-$112,000 per year.

Sophia Choi Dating History

She has kept her dating life private as she keeps people gazing at whom she is dating. She is single right now.

Sophia Choi Dating History

There are no sureties whether she has a boyfriend or not.

Is Sophia Choi Married?

Sophia Choi has never been married in her whole life. She also keeps typically her life a secret from the public.

Sophia Choi Parents

Her parents’ details are not well, not except her dad, who died when she was 12 years old.

Sophia Choi Kids

Sophia Choi has no kids as she has never gotten married nor adopted any child in her life.

Sophia Choi Body Measurements

Sophia Choi has a height of 5feet and 6 inches, and she has 58 kg weight.

Sophia Choi Cars And House

She is believed to own a house worth $15,000.

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