Storage Wars Nabila Haniss Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family, Legal Issues, Marriage

54year old Nabila Haniss came into this world on October 22, 1965. She stands 5ft. 7in. tall and weighs 60kg. She has gained popularity in the reality show “Storage Wars” airing on A&E. She achieved stardom when in 2007 she bid on a container the belonged to Paris Hilton. After this she was also nicknamed Paris Hilton on the show.

Nabila Haniss Family Details

Haniss was born in Culver City, California. She is a very private person and doesn’t reveal much about her parents or about her upbringing. She does have a brother and with he is her partner on “Storage Wars”.

Nabila Haniss Career Details

Back in`2005 Haniss started her career when she teamed up with her brother. They attended foreclosure auctions. Her success began in 2007 when she discovered a compartment that belonged to Paris Hilton.

The contents of the Hilton locker sold to a man named Bardia Persa, for $10 million. Haniss was now popular and she joined “Storage Wars” in 2011. During her time on the show she has managed to find other valuable compartments.

One of the compartments belonged to Tila Tequila, however it did not bring in too much profit. Haniss was with the show until 2013. However, she remains an active storage hunter.

Nabila Haniss Net Worth

Haniss net worth is estimated at $10.5 million.

More About Storage Wars Show

“Storage Wars” is an American reality television shoe on A&E. It follows the professional buyers in California who bid on storage lockers with unpaid rent. They visit storage facilities all through the state and choose lockers to bid on. They’re give just five minutes to inspect the locker without entering it and then bid on it. At the end of each episode there is a summary of the buyers’ net profit or loss.

Nabila Haniss is a lifelong buyer from Culver City, California. On the show she is known as Paris Hilton. She appeared as a recurring buyer from seasons two to four.

Nabila Haniss Legal Issues

Back in 2006 when Haniss purchased a storage box with her brother all she saw was that the contents might be worthy. There was no indication about who the owner was. After winning the auction she discovered the compartment belonged to Paris Hilton.

Her purchase netted her $10 million when she sold it to a man named Bardia Persa. It turned out that Persa used the content to create ParisHiltonExposed, a subscription service so fans could log in and view her personal belongings.

Supposedly the storage compartment held personal items such as family videos, medical records, and nude photos. Hilton sued Haniss and Persa for $10 in damages. She claimed the storage box had been bought illegally. Having no actual evidence to prove this Hilton withdrew the case.

Nabila Haniss Social Media Presence

Haniss can be found on different social media sites. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram,

Nabila Haniss Marriage Details

The information about Haniss’s personal life is kept as private as that about her upbringing. She married her high school sweetheart in 1986. The couple have two daughters.

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