Tony Horton Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Parents, Height, Weight

Tony Horton’s actual name is Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr., and he was born on 2nd July 1958, making him 61 years old. He mainly works as a personal trainer, and he was made famous because of the professional home fitness series, which started out with P90. Tony was born in Westerly, Rhode Island to his parents as Anthony Sawyer Horton (Sr.) and Jean (née Gencarelli) Horton who raised him and his two sisters in Trumbull, Connecticut. He is a Roman Catholic, and he states to have speech problems in the past. As his father was in the army, they have to move houses several times throughout their life.

Tony Horton Career Details

Tony’s interest in personal training started with a weightlifting class that he took at the University of Rhode Island. He talks about being able to gain confidence as he began to notice a change in his body. But, before moving on to fitness as a career, he had moved to Southern California to pursue several odd jobs, including one of a stand-up comedian as well as an actor.

While struggling with his dreams, he dived into fitness, and he recalls that at a time, he was a member of gyms in Los Angeles. At this time, his main earning was from being a production assistant at 20th Century fox. His break into physical training came when his boss told him to be his physical trainer.

After that, he opened up ASH Fitness in Santa Monica. Some of the programs that he has in the market are P90X, Beach Body Yoga Studio, 22 Minute Hard Corps, P90X3, P90X2, P90, 10 Minute Trainer, and many others. Everything started out with the original Power 90 released in 2001. He has even published a book ‘Bring It!’ in 2014.

He has also launched a hair and skincare brand TH Care which has natural products that are good for one’s body. To make the products, he brought in the best professionals from the industry to create something wholesome.

Tony has also been working as a motivational speaker, and he believes in living a healthy life. He advises to maintain a healthy lifestyle, has good food, and get rid of the habit of drinking alcohol. He is all set to launch TH Fitness in 2020, which is a set of excellent fitness equipment.

Tony Horton Net Worth

Currently, the estimated net worth of Tony Horton is $20 Million. It is estimated that he sold about 4 million copies of his P90X program, which has brought him an enormous chunk of money.

Tony Horton Marriage, Wife

Tony Horton is married to Shawna Brannon, and they have been married since 2015. She also works as a fitness trainer. Tony loves his dear wife while noting that she has changed a lot in his life. They like to work out together, and Tony shares a chunk of their life on Instagram.

Tony Horton Gay Life

Tony Horton admits that he was into homosexual relationships before he met his wife, Shawna. He says that being in the fitness industry, he had met many men. Whereas he liked being in gay relationships, it didn’t bring him much fulfillment. He found ultimate bliss on being with Shawna, who completes him in all possible ways. They also work together, making them a power couple.

Tony notes that he was happy in his gay life until he felt the urge to find eternal life, and he learnt that the path was only to be seen by being a devout Christian. On one of their dates, they even met Stevie Wonder and took a selfie with him.

Tony Horton Parents

Anthony Sawyer Horton (Sr.) and Jean (née Gencarelli) Horton are the parents of Tony Horton. Anthony has served 3 years as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army. The family had to move around the United States. Anthony was also a minor league baseball player and an enthusiastic golfer and yachter.

Tony Horton Kids

As of now, Tony and Shawna don’t have any kids, but they have some cute dogs as a part of their family.

Tony Horton Body Measurements

Tony Horton is 5 ft 11 inches tall or 180 cm tall, and as of now, he weighs 168 lb or 76 KG. He has dark brown hair along with dark brown eyes.

Tony Horton Cars And House

As of now, there is no set information about his cars and houses, but he does own a home in Los Angeles.

So, here is everything that you need to know about the American personal trainer Tony Horton, and his glorious life.

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