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Who Is Brei Carter? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Albums And Songs. Is Brei Carter Married Or Secretly Dating?

Brei Carter is an emerging crossover country and southern pop recording artist. She grew up in Monroe, Louisiana with a solid, southern upbringing. It is said that she grew interest in music and lyrics, and this is one of the factors that are leading to her success in music industry. She started writing her own poetry and short stories while she was a young girl.

Brei Carter Bio: Age And Early Life

Brei Carter was born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. Her date of birth is not yet known to the public, but once known, this article will be updated with it.

She was brought up in a Christian upbringing with much knowledge in Christianity and bible studies of some sort. She started writing her own poetry and short stories while she was still young. In her website Brei Carter, she writes:

I would write these little short stories which I could also hear myself singing in my head, and I could visualize singing them to large audiences

In an interview with Edward Sylvan of Authority Magazine, Brei says that she was exposed to hunting, fishing, chickens, roosters, horses, combines, crops and a whole lot of love.

Brei Carter Parents; Father And Mother

Brei Carter’s parents are not currently known since there is no such information in the public domain. It is only known that her parents raised her on several authentic southern staples including the Bible, Lone Star Missionary Baptist Church’s choir, Charley Pride, Loretta Lynn, Aretha Franklin, and no shortage of familial love and devotion. Also, Brei’s biological father passed away in 2014. She discussed her singing career with her mother before beginning the profession.

Brei Carter Education Details

Brei Carter earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from University of Louisiana at Monroe, a Master’s Degrees in International Relations from Webster University, and a Doctorate in Theology from New Foundation Theological Seminary in Mississippi.

Brei Carter Career Details

Brei Carter started writing songs while she was still young. She grew interest in writing her own poetry and short stories as a young girl. However, as she continued to grow, those poems and stories that she wrote turned her into a musician as she successfully pursued other life callings in education and military service. It is worth noting that she also found time to proudly serve her country in the U.S. Army as an enlisted soldier and as an officer.

I basically just let life happen and had many victories and mistakes along the way, like we all do.

Brei charmingly laughed off.

After college and my military service, while working in the corporate medical device industry, I constantly had that feeling that there was something more that I was supposed to be doing with my life.

It is only that after the demise of her father that she finally decided it was time to go all-in on her lifelong dream of becoming a country music recording artist and singer-songwriter. After discussing it with her mother, they agreed this is what she was born to do.

Life really is precious, and if God gives you a gift, you better use it, and live to the fullest

Brei confidently said.

You only get one chance in this lifetime, and we all have a choice. I choose to live, and I choose to sing!

Over the last few years Brei has done just that after relocation to Nashville in 2019. She’s been writing and recording authentic country and pop crossover songs which are collectively reflective of her diverse group of musical inspirations, but have also given her the creative freedom to pursue her own craft of songwriting.

Brei Carter has also joined the vibrant and known songwriters community along Music Row, collaborating with Nashville locals including Cory Lee Barker, Mason Douglas, and Jason Wyatt on her initial eight single releases since 2019.

On her initial releases, Brei has quickly established her reputation as being determined, sweet, passionate, and vivacious, with a healthy dose of southern sass to boot. Unmistakable personality traits and songwriter characteristics which also made their way into the recording studio and are cleverly heard, helping define her unique musical style.


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Since 2019, Brei’s songs have been individually diverse, much like most of her musical heroines. From the cheeky declarations she reminds us of on “Country Choir,” or her soulful vocal bliss on the self-reflective “Smiling,” or her cheery southern twang and lyrical playfulness on “Here’s To Nowhere,”

2021 proved to be Brei’s breakout year, as she took her first song “Gave Him A Girl” to country radio, where it has since charted up to #71 on Music Row’s Country Breakout Chart. The song was also recognized as “cute and catchy” by country music historian and veteran journalist Robert K. Oermann in his weekly DISClaimer column for Music Row Magazine.

Brei also released a heartfelt tribute song to one of her biggest musical influences growing up, Charley Pride, covering his signature #1 hit song, “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin,” a song project which she described as being “awe-struck” to put together after listening to her father sing that song to her while growing up in Louisiana.

With a growing catalog of new music, including her debut album Brand New Country, slated for a September 16 release, this young singer-songwriter is a welcome addition to the emerging new styles of the country music community.

I really just want people to feel through my music

Brei explains.

My mission is to inspire, to give hope, and to unleash feelings and emotions which help people to heal. I want my songs to be a voice for those that can’t express themselves, or for those who need a little help with finding themselves.

Apart from being a muscisian and working in the military,

Brei Carter Net Worth, Income And Salary Details

Brei Carter is a singer and song writer, having recorded a number of songs. Her net worth is not yet known. However, it is known that she earns quite a lot of money from her music career. She also earns income from her YouTube channel with 3.3k subscribers.

Brei’s music is also available on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon and Boomplay.

Brei Carter also has merchandise especially branded clothes, candles, mugs and caps, which are sold on his online shop called Shop Brei Carter.


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Brei Carter also owns a horse and a house.

Brei Carter Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Brei Carter’s body measurements are best highlighted on the West Model & Talent Management website. She has a height of 5ft 6 inches with a dress size of 4 and shoe size of 6. She has brown hair and grey eyes. However, she is of an average weight of an average American woman. She is also of a sizeable height considering that she qualified to be enlisted into the military.

Brei Carter Albums, Songs And Playlists

Brei Carter has written and recorded quite a number of songs. These include;

  • Paybacks
  • Kiss an Angel Good Morning
  • Gave Him a Girl
  • Here’s to Nowhere
  • Country Choir
  • Yours
  • Santa Wontcha
  • Smiling
  • Propane
  • Welcome to Wonderland
  • Old Fashioned Christmas
  •  Christmas Is You
  • Roadmaps of Memories
  •  Sippin’ on a Good Time
  • Cowgirl
  • Ride in the Desert
  • Stronger Than That
  •  Cowboy Romeo
  • Love Don’t Look Like This

Is Brei Carter Married Or Secretly Dating?

It is not known whether Brei Carter is married to a husband or secretly dating a boyfriend.

Brei Carter Social Media Presence

Brei Carter is present on all social media platforms. She has 20.1k followers on twitter, 271 followers on Tik Tok and 1.2k followers on Facebook.

Her social media following is expected to rise sharply because she has a lot of potential.

Brei Carter Contacts

Brei Carter’s contacts include website, email addresses and phone numbers. Her email addresses include booking@breicarter.com, jwa@jwamedia.com and renee@grassrootspromotion.com, which are used to contact her for booking and publicity. Her phone numbers are 615-991-1125 and (615) 646-3912 while her website is breicarter.com

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