Who Is Maria Cardona? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Husband Bryan Weaver

A beauty personifies a politician, commentator, public relation officer, community helper, correspondent, reporter, TV icon and a public advocate. She has proven herself in the government with well over two decades of experience. Born in November 12, 1966 in Bogota, Columbia but resides presently in America. Maria Cardona has her name is so is she, a recognized and well known Latinos in the United State of America. Maria she is a stakeholder in Dewey Square Group. leading the multicultural and public Affairs practices.

She was appointed in DSG in 2005 and she later found the DSG chapter for the Latinos. Which is called the Dewey Square Group (DSG) for Latino Strategies Practice, “The Latinovations” enlarging her coast in the Latino community by pushing or fighting the cause of Latino issues in America, guiding clients on “rightful behaviour” rights of living and building their support for their positions, skills, qualities, products and brands in the Hispanic community, and sponsoring and pioneering multicultural campaigns.

Maria Cardona Bio: Ethnicity, Early Life

A good motivator, a role model and a mother. She is a native of Colombia immigrated to the United State in her early life and she lives in Washington DC with her husband and their two lovely kids. After her graduation from Duke University she picks up appointment with the New Democratic Network (NDN) as a senior vice president in the organization. She moved on with her dreams to effect some corrections with the government to give rights and room for the Hispanic living in America. She then switch to DSG, her government and political background such as service as director of communications for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), she has also put in five years at the Department of Commerce. Previously she has occupied the position of Deputy Secretary and later become the Press Secretary. In her spell in the Department of Commerce, when she service as head communications strategist for the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1993.

Maria Cardona Career Details

She is a political commentator, an activist, for the rights of people. She has held so many political positions in government agencies and spearheads organizations; fight for the common man, mostly the right of the Latino’s who are living in USA. She has put in about two decades or more as a political strategist combine for, being a commentator in the media world. Maria Cardona is known for her work as a political commentator, and she is currently with CNN/CNN en Español. A political contributor, her show is aired frequently on MSNBC television; FOX news, Univision and many more. Presently she is with CNN till date because of her work and driving spirit she is being regarded as one of the most influential Latinos in the USA. Prior to heading of the above positions, she has worked and head organizations such as Dewey Square Group, served as Senior Adviser and spokesperson to Hillary Clinton, as Campaign President in 2008 Democratic primary election, in the capacity for the Hispanic campaign outreach team 2008. She also serve for Obama campaign election train in 2012 presidential election.

Maria Cardona Achievements

Maria Cardona the founder of Latinovations. Cardona is a Democratic strategist and commentator and news reporter in CNN/CNN en Español a political commentator. A graduate of Duke University in the United State of America with honours. Maria Cardona has serves among Boards of Directors of numerous organizations for Hispania problems they are facing in the country and also for the youth such as Hoops Sagrado, New America Media, Citizenship Counts, PODER PAC, Friends of the National Museum of American Latino and the National Hispana Leadership Institute. She has also features in Telemundo. She also serves in Democratic National Committee from 2001 to 2003 as communication directors. She was awarded a Silver Medal for her Meritorious Federal service from the Department of Commerce. Maria Cardona graduated from Duke University and serves on the Board of Directors of Hoops Sagrado, a non-profit organization that provides learning and leadership opportunities to Washington DC youths through basketball game program in the highlands of Guatemala.

Maria Cardona Marriage Details

Maria Cardona is married to her lovely husband Bryan Weaver. Mara Cardona is a native of Bogotá, Colombia and lives in Washington D.C. with her husband Bryan Weaver, and they are blessed with two children a boy named Sebastian and their daughter Maya Luna.

Quick Facts About Maria Cardona

Bio: White Caucasian (Hispanic), Bogota, Columbia, now American
Wiki: November 12, 1966 in Bogota,
Age: 53 years old, she will be 54 years by November this year
Career: Political commentator, public policy advocate and political strategist,
Boy friend: Not Disclosed
Net worth: Not Disclosed
Dating: Married
Husband: Bryan Weaver
Parents: Not Disclosed
Kids: 2, A boy name Sebastian and a girl name Maya Luna.
All Body Measurement: Not Disclosed
Cars: Not Disclosed
House: Not Disclosed

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