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Who Was Rob Garrison? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight And Parents At Death

Robert Scott Garrison was his full name where he was born of 1960 at Wheeling a city near Ohio in West Virginia County in the USA from the ethnicity of White Caucasian. Patrick Garrison was his only known brother. The role he played as Tommy In the film that was favorite for many in 1984, The Karata Kid made him famous. Numerous film that was released in 1980 he played a major role (Brubaker), Karate Kid Part 2, 1986, and others that were televised all over. Moreover, Garrison was an employee of Lowe’s Home Improvement in the Wheeling area where he worked out in the Garden Center. In the cobra Kai group, Rob was known as a wicked member. Movies like Karate in entertainment made his name great where he was referred to as ambassador of the karate movies. Besides acting, he was a socialist where he normally expressed his desire to act in the 3rd season of the YouTube Originals series Cobra Kai by interacting with fans.

Rob Garrison Education Details

Garrison at Wheeling Park High school started his studies where he later joined Ohio University for Theater studies. His acting career (Tv and Film Actor) in the 1980s and 1990s was natured in his studies. The supporting roles he played in decades of televised episodes, Cobra Rai Maker Jon Hurwitz commended his professionalism. He entered Hollywood films during the 1970s as a child artist.

The actor died at age of 59 after being hospitalized for a whole month after suffering from kidney and liver disease. He received medication from West Virginia Hospital and later transferred to the Pennsylvania hospital where he died over there on September 28, 2019.

He was eulogized, as a great person and ambassador to ‘The Karate Kid’ legacy. He will be missed by many especially those he interacted with, Tommy was a boisterous member of the villainous Cobra Kai dojo in 1984’s “The Karate Kid,” Tommy represented the full-on intensity of the maleficent Cobra Kai dojo, as seen in the infamous line to his bully teammate William Zabka during the climactic final fight, “Get him a body bag! Yeah!” “

Rob Garrison Parent

Their parent was not well known. Showalter Jackson was her cousin where they had known each other since their childhood.

Rob Garrison Early Life

Local friends and family normally keep on recalling talents and friendships they had with Garrison in wide fields like one of his best friend narrate that Rob Garrison became a close friend since he was a colleague at work on the production of Jeremy F. Richter’s brilliant adaptation of Dickens at Towngate Theatre in late 2014 where he furthermore adds that he was a professional at all times and always deferent to others.

Rob Garrison Body Measurements

Body measurements were 73 kilograms as weight or 160 lbs pounds. His height was five inches (5’9”) or 176 centimeters or rather 1.76 meters. Though there exist no records of past relationships for Rob Garrison, he had confirmed that he married one of his close friends, where he expressed satisfaction with his supportive spouse and they were blessed with two children

Rob Garrison Net Worth At Death

Robert Garrison Net Worth. The estimated Net worth of Robert EIi Garrison is at least 5.59 Million dollars as of 29 August 2018. Mr. Garrison owns over 2,451 units of Crown Castle International stock worth over 3,855,621 and the last 14 years he sold CCI stock worth over 1,433,627.The majority of his income earned from his shows and movies. Garrison was an employee of Lowe’s

Home Improvement in the Wheeling area, where he worked out in the Garden Center. The Garrison family has been involved in Real Estate Sales in the North San Mateo County and San Francisco areas for over 40 years. Being an independent Brokerage Firm allows us to establish a closer relationship with all of our clients. Garrison Properties combines the warmth and personalized customer service you would expect from a small company with the resources of a large firm. Our reputation for outstanding service and integrity assures us year after year repeat business and an abundance of referrals.

Rob Garrison Car And House Before Death

Jay Johnson understood Rob’s needs and acted accordingly and brought him a new car. He went further to explain the functions of various buttons on the front panel. He also helped him get the car insured and explained several service plans until he was satisfied. The Model of the car was from Conicelli-Toyota-of-Springfield.

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