CNN Robyn Curnow Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Nationality, Ethnicity, Marriage, Husband Kim Norgaard

For top reporting on the world’s latest events, millions around the globe trust the reporting of Robyn Curnow. Here’s every detail about the South African-born journalist you need to know;

Robyn Curnow Bio: Wiki, Age, Early Life

Robyn Curnow is a South-African news anchor and journalist. She was born in Australia in 1972. She’s of South African Descent and is currently 47 or 48 years old based on her birth month.

Robyn Curnow Education Details

Curnow attended St. Mary’s School, Waverley, where she obtained her preparatory education. She also attended Cambridge University bagging an M. Phil in International Relations.

Robyn Curnow Career Details

Curnow has been a seasoned reporter for several years in her native South Africa and Europe for several years before joining CNN.

She once worked as a BBC reporter and also presented news for the SABC, South Africa’s premium news channel in the ‘90s.

Curnow became a correspondent for the CNN in 2001 with her first appointment seeing her reporting out of the network’s London office.

Prior to her appointment in Atlanta, Curnow also served as a correspondent in Johannesburg, South Africa.

During Curnow’s time reporting in Africa, she covered a plethora of breathtaking stories. Major events such as the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria, Jacob Zuma corruption scandal, HIV/AIDS and more were covered by Curnow.

The Pistorius murder of Reeva Steenkamp was also fully covered by Curnow, as well as Mugabe’s fall in Zimbabwe.

Her reporting of Mugabe’s fall from grace earned CNN an international honor from the Royal Television Society.

Also, amongst Curnow’s most notable stories was the death of Mandela. Curnow had a close relationship with the former South African president and is credited as the last journalist to ever publicly interview “Madiba”.

Curnow also covered major events away from Africa. The Mosul offensive against ISIS in 2016 was covered mostly by Curnow from the Atlanta desk. Her coverage of this event also got CNN an Emmy nomination.

There’re other numerous achievements made possible by Robyn Curnow on CNN. She’s interviewed at least three US presidents and a lot of other public figures.
Most of Curnow’s work on CNN comes from her Atlanta station, but she’s also noted to report on the field during special occasions.

Robyn Curnow Net Worth

Robyn Curnow has been in the journalism space for several decades. Through her numerous successes as a journalist, she has been able to amass a sizeable fortune. Curnow is currently worth around $1 million from her work with CNN.

Robyn Curnow Dating History

Curnow isn’t dating anyone at the moment. She’s currently married and has been with her husband for several years.

Robyn Curnow Boyfriend

Robyn Curnow doesn’t have any boyfriend. She’s been married to Kim Norgaard for a while now, and the couple don’t seem like breaking up any time soon.

Robyn Curnow Husband

Robyn is married to Kim Norgaard, who is also a worker at CNN. Prior to Curnow’s move to CNN Atlanta, Norgaard was Bureau Chief for CNN Johannesburg. The couple has been married for more than a decade and lives in the US.

Robyn Curnow Parents

Robyn Curnow was born to Niven Francis and Jennifer Margaret Curnow in Australia. Robyn’s parents are originally from South Africa which granted Curnow Australian – South African nationality.

Robyn Curnow Kids

Robyn’s marriage to Norgaard has gifted the couple two girls, Freya and Hella. The children live with their parents in Atlanta, Georgia.

Robyn Curnow Body Measurements

When it comes to physical features, it’s certain Robyn has a slender build.
On the flip side, her precise body measurements are not known to the public.

Robyn Curnow Cars And House

Curnow currently has one property in Atlanta, Georgia. She reports from Georgia and lives with her husband and children. She relocated to this property with her family in 2014 when she took up her appointment at CNN.

There’s currently no information on the number of cars she has or her vehicle’s make and models.

Robyn Curnow Writings

Many people around the world believe Curnow only anchors news for CNN. But that’s far from the truth.

Robyn remains an ardent advocate for stutterers and has content drumming support for stutterers on the Washington Post.

She has also drawn up content for Vogue magazine, The International Herald Tribune, and Marie Clare.

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