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Dave Hester Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married Life, Wife, Kids, Career

The famous Television show “Storage Wars” certainly became popular among the TV watchers. Dave Hester and his mighty “yuuup!” grabs the attention of the audience, which was also known as “The Mogul”. Known as a strict and disciplined man, Dave ran shipping at rags and riches consignment storage. He is a great influencer and hardworking person whose game plan made money from rags to rich. After being convicted of a DUI, he started working in a local goodwill store in 2005. Then he saw potential in this business and then he started to research on this area. He then returned after the work and left it. He started with turning furniture store into a thrift store.

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Dave Hester Bio: Age, Early Life, Ethnicity

He was the son of a military man and also a train collector. He was born on July 23, 1964, in Marine Corps base near Oceanside, CA. His father, who was German, of Irish descent, was in the US army. His mother was of Mexican descent. He is married to Donna Hester and the couple have a son named Dave Jr. Dave Jr. has the ambition to own a mobile home so that they can travel auction at many places without a headache. Hester’s extended family owns their two dogs’ pinky and Violet. They both accompany Dave on his trips.

Dave Hester Career Details

Dave has always been fascinated and grew up about collectables and antiques. To supplement the income for his home, he often attended auctions when he was just 14 years old. He used to auction out machinery and tools for the military base sops in the Orange county.

He went on his first auction in 1986. He worked as a bid catcher in early 1990s. Dave sold his father’s entire train collection which brings him a small fortune as it lasted 5 years to sell everything from the big collection of trains. Now he runs an auction house named “Dave Hester Auctions”. He says that storage wars made it easy to go out to auctions. He has educated a lot of Americans about the industry and people are out for treasure hunting now. As the original productions are over to the allegation made by, he got fired when he complained about the reality show is being staged. Then the legal battle in 2014 resolved and he was brought back in the show.

His Storage auction featured in cable TV’s A&E Television Networks’ ‘storage wars’ Dave has been a licensed and bonded auctioneer since 1992. Hester was all after the storage units, all abandoned units and filled units were his areas of interest and concerns. He says that “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. He thinks the Mystery of guessing a storage unit is might similar to guessing gold mines. And the storage containers are no less then goldmines to him. Once he got a painting which was worth $750 and he also sold it for $155,000. “There been some bigger finds in the auctions and he can find a $100 to $1 million in the storage containers.

For him, it was hard to soar with the eagles when he was constantly surrounded by turkeys.

Dave Hester Net Worth

His net worth is estimated as $4 million and as the year passes his salary increases, so worth may increase. He is a valued auctioneer and his company worth more. Sometimes their profit goes huge and sometimes it’s low. So it is difficult to make an assumed value of his net worth. Sometimes he finds the ultimate treasure and gets most of the profits out of that.

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