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Americans love to watch films related to arms, drugs, and the underworld. War Dogs, directed by Todd Philips, is a movie that many have seen and loved. David Packouz was the real man that inspired the film to become a reality. David is currently328 years old, and he was born on February 16, 1982. He belongs to a Jewish family and has eight siblings. While growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, David inculcated the teachings of his father, a Rabbi.

David Packouz Career Details

David dappled in many things before getting into AEY with his high-school friend. He was interested in music as well as in entrepreneurship. David was also a licensed massage therapist, and he used to deal with sheets that he bought from Pakistani merchants. The duo of David and Efraim Diveroli brought success to the arms business in the form of AEY Inc. in 2005. While making the decisions, David was 23, whereas Efraim was just 19. The company received about 149 contracts by the end of 2006, and together they were worth around $10.5 million.

The duo started working with the USA government in 2007 with the deal of providing them ammunition worth $300 million to be supplied to the Afghan army. It included 100 million rounds of AK-47, several million SVD Dragunov sniper rifles, and aviation rifles. But, there was a breach in the contract because the ammunitions were sourced from China, and it is against the US government’s policies.

A House Oversight and Government Reform Committee investigation was done on them, which helped to surface the information about the duo selling inferior quality weapons. On top of that, they failed to provide ammunition on time, and there was no quality check. They even used to repackage the Chinese ammunition, which is considered fraudulent behaviour.

There was a huge media uproar about these young adults being able to get into dealing with arms from Miami Beach. The duo was also keen on marijuana, which gave them the nickname ‘the stoner arms dealers.’ Both of them plead guilty to a count of Conspiracy to Defraud the United States. David had to go through a seven months house arrest for the sentence.

Based on their journey, the book ‘Arms and the Dudes’ was written in 2015 by Guy Lawson, a journalist from Canada, which was turned into the film War Dogs in 2016. If you see the movie, do find the easter egg of David’s cameo.

David Packouz Net Worth

The estimated net worth of David is around $20 million, which he may have saved from the work that the duo has done in the past. Not much is known about what he does right now except that he has a company, Singular Sound, that sells music gears.

David Packouz Wife

Yes, David is married, but nothing much is known about his married life. He did marry the girlfriend that he had during working with AEY. David likes to have a private experience as it will let him forget the mishaps of the past. But, the couple does have a daughter. She is referred to as ‘Sara’ in Lawson’s book. Both of them used to work as licensed massage therapists, and the couple took a break when David was too busy dealing with arms.

David Packouz Parents

David comes from an orthodox Jewish family. His parents are Shoshana and Rabbi Kalman Packouz. David’s father wrote the book ‘How to Prevent an Intermarriage?’ and he works at the Orthodox Aish HaTorah. David never had the interest to talk about them, but he obviously didn’t grow up to be an orthodox Jewish. He has dappled in everything from arms to marijuana to drugs, and we do guess that he doesn’t have a fantastic tie with his family. His father passed away last year, and it seems that David is getting back to his religious roots.

David Packouz Kids

Anabelle Jane was born in 2007, amidst all the tension faced by his father. One thing that we can tell about David is that he loves his daughter dearly.

David Packouz Body Measurements

David has always had a knack for maintaining a fantastic body. He is 170 cm tall, weighing between 68 to 70 KG. David is bald, and he looks utterly handsome.

David Packouz Cars And House

We do not have any information about the house and cars that are owned by David.

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